The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

American Idol and things that make you go hmmmm...

Did anyone else notice (and get that squicky ConCord vibe) watching Clay and Carmen tonight? What the frell were they doing? Joined at the hip....drapped all over each other....and, I swear, it looked like they were about to kiss on stage. She's barely legal and he's kinda gay (OK, the latter is just my opinion) but it all felt very unnatural.

And how is Blonde Kimberly still on this show? My mother actually called me to ask what the heck the voting procedures are that allowed her to stay on. I'm dumbstruck. I guess it's true, a pretty face will carry you when you have no talent.

Speaking of Mom....I apparently now have her hooked on the show. She had never seen an episode until last night and was dashing to the TV this evening to see who would be eliminated. She was worried for Clay and Trenyce. Then proceeded to ask me if they screw with their emotions like that every week? Yes, get used to it.

God help me if the wrong person wins the title. She still hasn't gotten over Colby losing on Season 2 of Survivor.
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