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Since It's Technically Friday

I figured I'd just go ahead now and post a reminder...since I'm up...sigh...that Friday Night Lights returns at 9:00pm est this evening. WOO!

Also at 9:00 is Flash Gordon and the ONLY reason I mention that is to remind everyone that we'll get the "best two minutes of television" in the form of 'Razor' Flashbacks. Set the TIVO/DVR/VCR or check out the BSG site immediately after Flash airs to watch it.

And HAPPY (teeny bit belated) BIRTHDAYS! to superplin and missmurchinson, two very witty, wonderful, intelligent and extremely talented women. :)

I actually have nothing to say about tonight's TV, Ugly Betty and 30 Rock, other than I laughed. Still haven't caught up on Wednesday's TV and Comcast, the bastards, took down the Dexter eps two days early so guess who had to search for the season finale tonight? Grrrrrrr.

I know the European fans don't always have the opportunity that we have here in the states to see the BSG actors at conventions, so if you live in or near Germany you may wish to check out FEDCON in April 2008. Jamie, Mark Sheppard, and Richard Hatch are currently scheduled to attend and given the show will have wrapped ( ::weeps:: ) and Jamie and Mark have family back in England I think there is a god chance they'll both be there barring any TV or movie roles popping up for them.
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