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I get to talk about new Galactica! I'm so excited!!! Wheeeee!!!!! :D

Billy? Really? I could never imagine EJO's Adama being called that. NEVER.

Great casting! Not only is the actor a believable younger version of EJO, I can see a bit of Jamie too (the haircut helps).

Ohhhh, chunk of ice? Secret weapon? I'll bet money they are incorporating elements of the 'Ice Plant Zero' storyline from the original series. Cool!

I know the first Cylon war went on for quite some time, but it shocked me to see the days listed on screen. I'm assuming their calendar is fairly close to ours.

I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions after all of two minutes, but I'm sensing another reason why Adama is closer to Kara - he was more like her at the same point in his life then he was like Lee.

I'm not sure how I feel about the "nothing but the rain" comment being third hand.

Darn, I don't think I have anything more to analyze.

OK, those were actually the best two minutes of television for me. ;) Now, on to the other shows. Warning, I'm a bit cranky tonight, but I don't think it's affecting my opinion that much.

In the words of Dennis Miller, I'm outta here. I have a very short list of actors I'll sit through dreck for and Katee is not on the list. Though I will say that she and Miguel Ferrer deserve so much better than this. I'm having a very difficult time reconciling how David Eick can be responsible for this mess and Battlestar Galactica. I might say that I'm not giving Ron enough credit, but David also worked on American Gothic, another awesome series, so maybe this is just a huge misstep? I'm just stunned by how bad the writing is, particularly the cringe-worthy dialogue, and shocked that people thought this was better than the pilot which I feel made more sense. I was planning on writing up everything wrong with the episode, but do I want to waste an hour of my life to do so? No, I don't. In closing I'll just say Michelle Ryan is horrible. I have no clue how she got this role.

Man, the show even cast a good newborn! And Kyle Chandler getting the baby to smile? OMG. No fair show!

As always, I love the scenes between Coach and Mrs. Coach. The scene with Tami was struggling to keep it together and then breaking down in tears as soon as Eric left the room was incredible. I need to reiterate that Connie Britton was robbed by the Emmy committee.

I wanted to slap Julie through most of the episode even though she was being a believable bratty teen finally rebelling against her parents. And, to be fair, she's been an only child for fifteen years, she now has to share her parents with a new sibling, and her dad isn't even around that much. She's feeling displaced so she retaliates by cutting them out of her life. I guess what really pissed me off was her treatment of Matt who, overall, is a pretty good boyfriend. He didn't deserve the cold shoulder. But the show, to it's great credit, managed to get me to soften considerably in regards to Julie as she explained to her father that she fears that her life is on course to turn into her parents. If at 15/16 you're seeing your future as settling down in your small town with the former football star that's pretty terrifying.

Lyla becoming a born again Christian wasn't a surprise. She feels as if she's lost everything and looking to fill a void in her life. It doesn't seem like it's doing her any harm (and I loved her prayer at dinner, especially the part about her mom wearing skinny jeans ;) and maybe in her desire to reach out to others she can get through to Tim who seems to be back to his old destructive ways.

If there is one thing about the episode that disappointed me it was the killing of the guy stalking Tyra. Sure, I know incidents such as these happen in real life, including trying to cover up the crime, but it seemed very Lifetime movie of the week to me. Plus, it didn't make a hell of a lot of sense. The guy just started stalking her after leaving her alone for months? Why not call the police? And how did the store clerk not hear her scream? It's a shame they had to go this route because, as it was, I was really enjoying the evolution of the Tyra/Landry relationship.

I have to admit I didn't pay much attention to this. I knew Torri/Elizabeth was being written out, I didn't think it would be handled well, and I was right. Over half the show was a lot of unnecessary technobabble. I'm realizing that Rodney speaks so fast because that prevents us from really hearing how his plans make no sense. And every supposed twist I saw coming, mainly because it had all been done on SG1 before. I think they would have done more of a service to Torri, Elizabeth, and the fans if they had just killed her off instead of leaving us with the knowledge she's trapped with the enemy.

If they didn't have th guts to kill her, they really blew a great opportunity. What if Elizabeth had been taken over by the nanites and become their enemy? Imagine if all her knowledge became replicator knowledge? John and the others having to plot ways to try and kill her and not have her be a willing victim as she was here could have been fascinating.

What was the point of having Sam around? Did I miss it? She's been in two episodes, done nothing of significance, and still hasn't been reassigned to Atlantis.

And Teyla was left in charge? What the hell is the chain of command on this station???
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