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Two weeks into the new TV season and I'm finally caught up :)

I just got a notification from Amazon that my Stargate DVDs have shipped (as well as a few other things). Wheeee!!! I don't know why I'm so excited. It's not like I plan on sitting down and having a marathon, but I will have them to enjoy without commercial interruption anytime now. :)

I finished watching Dexter this afternoon. Rudy/Brian being Dexter's brother - I have to admit I really wasn't considering that a possibility, but I wasn't shocked by the reveal. I guess because I did feel that Rudy felt a familial connection to Dexter, that perhaps they were symbolically brothers in is mind, so making them literal brothers wasn't a stretch. I can understand Harry not revealing to Dexter that he had a brother in a psychiatric hospital somewhere. He was working so hard with Dexter to not become like Rudy that having them meet probably would have undone all his hard work.

The one problem I have with the storyline is the show's rational that the boys watching their mother butchered and then being left in the storage container for days made them the people they are. I do agree that that is going to screw a kid up, but turn them both into serial killers? Rudy made the comment to Dexter that he was left behind because Harry was able to see in his eyes what he was and I have to believe that their sociopathic behavior was something they were born with. Which raises another question. Did Rudy kill their father to get to Dexter? I would have liked to have seen that brought up though I realize Dexter isn't aware of the circumstances under which his biological father died.

It was interesting that, in keeping with the code Harry instilled in him, Dexter was forced to kill the one person who understands him and the one person who he could talk to about all this. Ultimately, the family Harry created for Dexter he felt a closer bond to than his biological brother even if he was angry with Harry for lying to him. And I do believe Dexter loves Deb as much as he is capable of loving anyone.

I wasn't wowed by the season premiere. Doakes on a quest to find out what Dexter is up to was set up nicely in the first season, but I'm not sure if that arc will be as compelling as the Ice Truck Killer storyline.

I'm not sure how we are suppose to feel about the Dexter/Rita/Paul storyline. Yes, Paul was technically innocent, but while he wasn't taken hard drugs, he was smoking pot, drinking heavily, and in possession of a handgun. We saw him get both verbally and physically abusive with Rita and nearly rape her before she hit him with the baseball bat. I'm convinced that some night he would have ended up at her house drunk with the gun and killed her. I think Dexter was convinced of this too so I'm not really feeling bad about Paul's wrongful imprisonment and death.

Dexter is a brilliant guy so why would he dump all of the bodies in the same spot? Or if you are going to dump the remains in one place, make sure it's in much deeper water. He also now has someone on the loose who can ID him. It will be interesting to see how he gets out of this mess.

I caught up on Life as well. I don't think this will be a show I'll have a lot to say about, but I'm still entertained by it. I commented after I watched the pilot that they needed to get rid of the silliness about Charlie not knowing anything about technology such as cellphones and computers and there was no sign of that in this episode so maybe the writers bought themselves a clue. He also seemed a tiny bit less quirky which I'm fine with.
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