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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Trailer

wisteria_ scores the find of the day. Season 4 teaser at YouTube

Did they really use the line, "Do you believe in miracles?" ::has Olympic flashbacks::

Who the hell is Laura shooting at? And cool!

You know I'm no shipper, but Awwwwww to the Lee/Kara hug.

Looks like Tigh is reenacting Boomer's move in KLG Pt 2.

Is Sam trying to convince her she's a Cylon? Huh.

And they're going the wrong way?!?!?
Is Sam trying to convince her she's a Cylon? Huh.

I bet he really hopes she's a Cylon so that they can have forever Cylon love. Aww.

And they're going the wrong way?!?!?

I'm dumb and it took me way too long to realize why she's saying that! I was like WTF Kara, but then I realized she's talking about Earth, and she's trying to tell them where Earth is but no one will believe her. :( I'd yell too if I were her!
I'm rather surprised they are going the wrong way. All the directional markers they came across seemed to be accurate. But maybe they were meant to lead people on the wrong course? I can also understand Adama et al not believing her if they are under the assumption she's a Cylon. Wouldn't the Cylons want them to turn around if they were on the correct path?

I can definitely understand Sam wanting Kara to be a Cylon. One reason that just occurred to me is that he, along with everyone else, knows how Lee feels about the Cylons. So if Sam still feels threatened by Kara's relationship with Lee, it would be a way to drive a wedge between them.
I still fondly recall how you, the girl who didn't like sci-fi, so graciously agreed to sit with WIS, DWW and I and watch the mini. And look what we turned you into! ;)
eeeeeeeee trailer!!! gah I can't wait for the new season. *is seriously impatient*
I know! I was just fine waiting. We have Razor in six weeks. But after seeing the new footage? ::needs NOW::
oh my frakkin' gods! that's all i can say!

I know! Remember how in 'Valley of Darkness' she wouldn't even touch the gun Lee offered her? How times have changed!
that's exactly where my mind went when i saw that scene! and i think my mother's too, because she just stared at me and kind of went "so, again, who does the shooting?". :)

i really cannot wait to see who pissed her off THAT badly. :)