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I never contemplated giving up on House. Hugh Laurie is on that short list of actors that I'd sit through dreck for and while Season 3 hardly qualified as that, it was a very uneven season. Some weeks I found myself bored, others irritated. And I know we are only three episodes into the Season 4, but, man, I am loving this season so far. I was totally engrossed in tonight's episode and my renewed enthusiasm is making the BSG Hiatus from Hell a wee bit easier to take.

Foreman has his own ducklings! Who happen to resemble Chase, Cameron, and himself! And there's a white board! The copycatting doesn't end there. Foreman wanted to get away from House because he feared becoming House, yet that is exactly who is trying to be. He even goes so far as to blatantly break the rules because he's convinced he's right. Of course, House has years of experience and Cuddy to protect his ass; Foreman the newbie gets his ass canned. Let me guess where we'll see him visiting his old colleagues in two weeks?

And how are the other graduate(?) ducklings fairing? I was disappointed to see Cameron get played by the, um, let's call her Backstabbing Doctor. While I still feel she's toughened up, she apparently can't shake that patient empathy. Chase apparently grew a pair in his time away. I like him this way too. ;) And I liked that he let House know that he's there if he needs his help, but he won't be his whipping boy anymore. (Side note: would they really let a surgeon in the operating room with long hair like that?)

I was not a Cuddy fan in this episode. Let's start with the way too low cut top. Enough already. I work in a professional environment and while are dress code is lax that would not fly. She was also easily shut down by House. She had barely finished saying she'd stop the competition when I thought he could just fire everyone, start over, and make her life (more) miserable and, oh, that's what he threatened to do. However, what really irked me was her blaming House for the patient's death because he was in a hospital bed at the time. Um, what? Yes, what House did was stupid and, as Wilson pointed out, he's had two near death experiences already. I thought him trying for a third was the one bit of bad storytelling...but back to Cuddy and her assigning blame. Correct me if I'm wrong, but, with one exception, these people are doctors, some for years. Do they require constant supervision? And when House felt he needed to step in, he did. Even if he hadn't electrocuted himself, I don't know what more he could have done. Not to mention, Wilson played House (sorry, had to say it) while House was unconscious. Cuddy can't have it both ways. She can't tell House he needs a team, then lay all the blame at his feet when one of them makes an error. And, hey, if they investigate they'll find it wasn't just #13's fault. #6 pushed the table away with the pills on it so he could perform his tests. He interfered with another doctor's treatment.

I agree with House's decision not to fire #13. She did make the correct diagnosis originally and, he's right, she's going to work harder than anyone else to never make a mistake like that again. It was also a nice parallel with Foreman, still struggling to come to terms with his fatal mistake.

I think this may be the first time that the patients in the A and B storylines died, which I didn't see that coming. Nor did I anticipate that the right diagnosis was made about ten minutes in and that the patient would die for lack of follow through.

There were so many little moments I loved too...

- House cluing the patient in to the competition (and my shock that House went to talk to the patient!).

- All the nicknames House came up with accept for #13 who he can't quite figure out.

- Tribal Counsel. Hee!

- House and Wilson both taking a moment to watch Cuddy walk down the hall. I expect many icons of the mutual head tilt.

- "I love you." I envisioned the heads of a substantial portion of fandom exploding in that moment.

- I *may* have gotten a little chocked up when they carried the dog over to the bed and had to lift the patient's hand so he could pet him one last time. It's a cheap emotional play, but, damn, that dog could act! (Though, having to suddenly carry the dog over to the bed maybe should have been a clue that something was wrong with him too.)

One last thing. I really like the actress playing Backstabbing Doctor, but the character is just not going to work out in the long term. She's too focused on herself and getting what she wants. House is as much of a bastard as she is a bitch and neither cares much about the patient. But there is one big difference between the two - House is consumed with the illness and how to beat it, he's not seeing it as a way to career advancement.

Happy Birthday! to thomasina75 who I continue to learn I have much in common with besides the Jamie adoration. ;) And Happy (a tiny bit early) Birthday! to the new mommy, avrelia. I know you'll have a wonderful day. ;)
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