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Friday Night TV Round Up

Not much happened here, so not much to say. I believe it's bop_radar that I made the comment to that I thought JC (I think those were her initials) would die, perhaps setting up why Adama distances himself emotionally from the people around him, including his son. Looks like I may be at least half right. :)

Let me again state what an awesome job they did in casting Young Bill Adama. In that scene after he gets into his viper, Nico Cortez totally nails not only EJO's voice, but his steely eyed stare. I was just so impressed with that moment.

Um, that's all I got on this one folks.

I actually feel compelled to analyze this one a little. This episode seemed to be about letting go of the past and moving on and there were some nice parallels between Ronan and Sam's journeys to where they are now.

The scene that had me totally flailing, in the good way, was the one between Sam and Teal'c. I didn't think it was possible for an SGA writer to pack so much awesomeness into about ninety seconds. "Though we may not being leaving with you, SG1 will never be far away." Damn right! And the exchange that had me squeeing for many reasons:

"Undomesticated equines could not keep me away."
"Nice callback ."

And those tears of Amanda's seemed to be more Amanda than Sam. ::clings to Stargate box set::

So Rodney thought he was going to be the new leader of Atlantis? "It's kinda scary though. You know I'll be making decisions that don't affect just the city but the entire galaxy." I agree with Radek, very, very scary. And let's review Rodney's last decisions. Totally disregarding Elizabeth's desires and implanting her with Replicator nanites. Disobeying John's direct order to not implant Elizabeth with the nanites because it could be very, very bad. Being at least partly responsible for leaving Elizabeth behind *and* in the hands of the enemy and not being able to guarantee she won't end up assisting them. And he really thought they were going to put him in charge? At what point did he go from being just full of himself to being delusional. I also loved (I say sarcastically) that he never even mentioned Elizabeth or showed even the teeniest tiniest sign of remorse or regret at her absence. Unpopular fandom opinion - I am not a Rodney fan.

Joe Flanigan from the very star of the episode was portraying a more subdued John. I didn't think the show would actually address Elizabeth's absence so I gave Joe a huge amount of credit for conveying, silently, John's grief. Color me shocked when we actually got a discussion between John and Sam about the possability of Elizabeth being alive and John wanting to mount a rescue attempt. I also appreciated that we got an acknowledgment of John being past over for command of Atlantis and him being OK with it. I think he was sincere when he said he saw what Elizabeth went through and would happily prefer to avoid all that aggrevation.

It's nice to see that Jason Momoa is getting a shot to do a little acting. Ronan is becoming more than just the muscle. I predicted early on that his friends were working with the Wraith and he was being set up. I also could predict that, by episodes end, Ronan would come to realize who his real family and friends are. Still, there was something touching about hearing him say the words, "They're right here", in response to Sam asking where his friends were, then adding, "Let's go home." It felt like Ronan closed a chapter of his life (which might be forgotten by the writers next week) and finally moved on. And I think Sam didn't play hard ball with him, gave him the opportunity to come to the right decision himself because, as she said earlier, "Walking away might be a lot harder than you think."

Some random observations....

Ronan's new tattoo. I'm way behind on my DC reports (sorry!), but Jason discussed the tattoo at one of the panels. Short version (for now) is he got it during the hiatus without informing the show, they were trying to come up with ways to cover it up - like bandages in the first two eps and there was talk of a large leather arm band - but ultimately they just decided to write it into the show.

John taking credit for the fruit. Hee! Um, but how could Rodney carry citrus? Some of that looked citrus-y.

Atlantis is very pretty at night.

I was a little worried during the first fifteen minutes of FNL. It felt very 'made for TV' to me. Tyra and Landry making jokes on the bridge where they dumped a body? The home care nurse charging in, telling Matt and his grandmother how it's going to be, and announcing she's moving in. Julie acting like a spoiled brat. But then I started seeing signs of the show I know and love.

Will Jason get the use of his hands back? Maybe. Will he walk again? The doctor flat out tells him no. It's totally understandable that Jason wants to believe he will get out of that wheelchair and I absolutely adored the moment where he stopped Tami to tell her how she made him believe in a miracle. It was such a sweet gesture on his part, and given the emotional upheaval Tami is going through, she needed to hear that she can inspire someone. But the show has always been about the little things and moments and I think we're being shown that while Jason will see some improvement, he won't be getting his old life back.

I love how the show can introduce us to new characters, like the science teacher, and we immediately feel as if we know them and care about them. And how even the assholes, such as Antoine, can have a moment of insight, as he does when he asks Eric why he is in a car with him when he has a new baby at home.

I have a hard time believing the science teacher was the only person Tami had to call. I know we haven't seen her hang out with friends, but she must have some. And the poor guy was put in such a precarious situation. He's seeing Tami is suffering from post-partum depression and completely overwhelmed, yet as someone who barely knows her how does he speak up and voice genuine concern for her and the baby's well-being? Come to think of it, it's probably that concern that made Tami reach out to him.

I actually felt sorry for Buddy. Losing his family and his home is his fault, but taking away his great love, the Panthers, seemed like too much. The team was the one thing keeping him focused and going and, to be fair, he's done a hell of a lot to support the team. To kick him to the curb like that is not only cruel, but short sighted.

Like last week, I was pissed at Julie for most of the episode. I kept saying, "Just dump him already", because what she was doing to Matt was just plain hurtful at this point. Then she did break with him and placed the blame on herself (loved that Matt stated he knew it wasn't him :) and through her breakup speech you could tell she's just confused and scared and probably making some bad choices. I'm still trying to figure out why she's attracted to The Swede. He's a lifeguard driving a van that belongs in a scrap heap who hangs out with teenage girls. And he's not hot! Or does someone find him attractive?

Tyra and Landry I have mixed emotions about. Landry's reaction to Tyra's "Be a man" comment was awesome. And when she went over to his house she finally showed us that this has been affecting her as well. What's tearing her up is not that the guy is dead, but that she is glad he's dead (and what does that say about her?) and feels guilty about what this is doing to Landry. Great performance by Adrienne Palicki. However, I'm a bit uneasy that it's this murder that has brought them closer together. I liked the way the relationship was developing before and wanted to see how they would overcome family and social issues to be together. But now there first time having sex is after sharing their feelings about a murder cover up. Again, it felt more TV than real life.

I decided to turn on the repeat of Bionic Woman while I ate dinner tonight. I lasted fifteen minutes before I changed the channel. However, that was long enough to see 'written by David Eick'. O_o HOW can it be that the man who wrote this writes for Battlestar Galactica? When I watch ST:TNG or Carnivale and I see 'Written by Ronald Moore' I see the similarities in the writing between those shows and BSG. But some of the dialogue and plotting in BW is so jaw droppingly bad that I have no clue how David could be writing both shows.
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