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Day 2 of My Ongoing Saga

Yes, the co-worker is still being senselessly bitchy. I pity her soon to be husband. The one she doesn't seem very excited about marrying. Probably because the only reason she's marrying him is out of fear of growing old alone and childless and he was stupid enough to ask. Yep, always a good basis for a happy and successful marriage.

As for other less stressful matters, I survived a Buffyless Tuesday. It actually upsets me more that those rat bastards at FX shifted Buffy to the 4-6 timeslot. Having not arrived home until after 6 yesterday meant me catching no Buffy. :( Instead, as I'm flicking through the channels I come upon 7th Heaven.

I think I get why this show is so popular. It's awfulness is hypnotic. I was memsmorized by the sameness of ever scene. The banal dialogue. The fact you can actually see the actors acting (or making a gallant attempt). At least shows of this low caliber have pretty people to look at. Nope, guess not.

It seems to me that Heaven has replaced Seinfeld as the show about nothing. Cause, there was a lot of talking and a lot of moving about but I really didn't sense anything actually happening. Apparently the bad seed Mary was returning from her Maxim shoot (oh, wait, that's the actress who wanted to prove how mature she was) and has to fess up that she's married to the new Entertainment Tonight correspondent (no, not they annoying fashion guy with no taste - the other new guy). Apparently everyone in the family knows except for clueless Mom and Dad.

I then discover that one of thier son has killed someone over the summer (I assuming accidently and not in a drug deal going horribly wrong). They seemed to take this news rather casually, more concerned about where he would be going to school in the fall. Cut to the second eldest 'good' daughter who, even though her husband works as a cop and they could afford their own place, chooses to live in the loft over the garage. Shockingly, she's very disappointed that she missed hubby in the shower. OMG, she's implying she wants to have sex with him in the shower. What's next? With the lights on?

At this point I heard the voice of Obi Wan tell me to "Use the remote Asta...use the remote" and I quickly switched channels. Luckily my chat room compatriots diverted my attention long enough to see me into Prime Time. Things didn't get much better. I tried MI-5 again and though I know it has quite the following I still can't get into it. It's kinda like CSI...without the humor. ;) Luckily, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy rescued me from my television doldrums and homicidal thoughts towards bitchy co-workers. I swear, I laughed so hard during the last fifteen minutes I thought the neighbors were going to complain.

You are now asking yourselves what the Hell was the point of all that. Nothing really but I still got you to read it didn't I? :p

You may be excited to hear that I finished rewatching season 7 of Buffy this weekend. Yes, I have thoughts. I'm setting a deadline of next week Monday to post it all. Try to curtail your excitement...

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