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I think I have to start dropping shows. Or at least choose just to focus in on a few I really want to talk about. I can't keep up with all this TV and LJ without losing my already fragile hold on sanity. ;p

I do adore Pushing Daisies and had much to say after last weeks episode, but s**t happened which I won't get into and it prevented me from posting and tomorrow is a new ep so skipping ahead...

Am I the only one who is perplexed as to how Private Practice can be created by a woman, yet it's the male character who are stronger and better written? Last week I wanted to line up Addison, Naomi, and Violet and do a group slap. Um, yeah, I'm thinking this will be one not to discuss unless Tim looks really hot. :)

I'm still having very mixed feelings about this show. I adored game night and watching the characters learn more about each other as we learned more about them. And I found it both humorous and a little disturbing as to how much Morgan new about Chuck. And Peaches! The guy either really needs a girlfriend or to come out of Chuck's closet. Or maybe he wants in Chuck's closet. I'm not sure how that would work.

Being the Star Wars fan I am I very much appreciated Morgan's comment that Bryce is the Fett to Chuck's Solo. Hee! There was also the Wookie reference. And I picked up on the nods to the James Bond series from Katrina's bikini and jet ski to the villain's golden gun.

Unfortunately, every time the show cut to an action sequence, I tuned out. I couldn't even tell you the plot, though from the tidbits I did see it didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. And the "Is Katrina a good guy or bad guy?" twist is such a cliche. As is her coming through in the end. I understand a key part of the show involves the spy business and the information stored in Chuck's head, but the writers really need to work to write the old standards better or come up with a new spin on the concept.

I enjoyed the show a bit more this week thanks in part to Nathan being back (minus the dead animal on his face) and the God awful Peter storyline being totally absent. Still, there are so many things that tick me off. Maya being stupid enough to meet a stranger and buy into his story. Mama Petrelli stating she can't bare to lose another son. Really? She didn't have an issue with allowing Peter to blow up last season. Matt leaving his wife because the baby wasn't his. Convenient way to get rid of the character and have him shack up with Mohnider. Matt was aware of his wife's affair so why didn't he question the paternity or at least hint that it might be an issue before? West continues to ne creepy. Very creepy. I thought we were going to have a David Cronenberg Crash moment and have West get turned on by Claire lying in a broken heap on the ground. And after all her father has done for her I am very disappointed in Claire lying to him. Finally, I hate Molly. Sorry, but the girl is not a great actress and her constant screaming and clinging is getting on my nerves.

Spike TV is airing Scream 2007 on the 23rd. Jamie Bamber will be on the show, though I have no idea in what capacity. My real reason for mentioning this, you know, besides Jamie, is that it's also an awards show and there are 29 TV and film categories you can vote for and BSG is up for two awards and Katee Sackoff one. Go vote!

thomasina75 posted a meme - 10 things that recently made you happy. And since I and a lot of other people could use a little happiness I thought I'd cave and give it a try. I'm not tagging people because not tagging people makes me happy (I'm not counting that as part of the meme ;), but if you feel inclined, please share. :) Now, in no particular order...

1. Jeffrey Donovan has been cast in the new Clint Eastwood film, 'The Changeling' Woo!
2. Michael Clayton. Awesome film. Great performances by Clooney and Tom Wilkinson. A tightly written, straightforward script that doesn't rely on big, ill-conceived twists. And a law office that looks like an actual law office! ;) I highly recommend this one.
3. Razor in a little over four weeks. Eeeeee!!!
4. November 9-11 - thomasina75 knows what I'm talking about. ;)
5. My Stargate mega box set.
6. House. Major changes in a series always worry me, but they have totally revitalized this one. Plus, as always, Hugh Laurie rocks.
7. Pushing Daisies which is so darn joyful and fun and pretty and, in Emerson, has one of the best darn characters on TV.
8. Seeing a photo and being inspired to do a drawing of it. And that's all I'm saying for now. ;)
9. My new 40" HD TV! OK, I don't have it, yet. I swear, with possibly one exception, the electronics store I shop at never has what I want in stock. It's on order though.
10. A little over thirteen months ago I had this debate with myself, do I start a Jamie Bamber LJ community or don't I? I was thinking about my decision last night (long story) and I have to say I am really, really, really happy I did and did so when I did. And before anyone gets excited thinking I have some big Jamie news, I don't, this is more a general fandom thing.

Wow, I got to ten! :)
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