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I Really Need to Get Some Pushing Daisies Icons

Pushing Daisies continues to bring me great joy. I could listen to the dialogue over and over and over again and not grow tired of it.

Lee Pace in a black fitted tee. Nuff said.

Is it just me, or does Digby sometime seem like the smartest person in the room? After the bit with the wilting flowers you know he knows and, just like that, I get why he hasn't been within petting distance in twenty years.

A nine year old Ned giving a 'Be kind to animals, kiss a beaver' tee shirt as a birthday gift to Chuck? I just have no words.

On the one hand, the kissing through the plastic wrap is adorable. On the other hand, I'm contemplating what else they are contemplating doing with the plastic wrap and I don't know if I should be disturbed by them or me. (But you just know that fanfic is coming.)

I love the morgue guy. He is the king of dead pan. No pun intended.

Did anyone catch that the mortician was 44 years and 17 months?

OMG, Emerson's "Oh, hell no!" and running from the building making the sign of the cross? I could not...stop...laughing. I think Chi is going to prove to me again next year how worthless the Emmys are.

"Mind over matter makes Pooh unfatter." ::dies::
"Kick, Pooh, kick!" ::dies again::

The sword fight was much better choreographed than any fight sequence I have seen on Chuck.

As much as I love Tim Daly, Private Practice may be on my chopping block. Putting aside I want to slap the women every week, now they are pushing Cooper/Violet. And he's been in love with her for, well, ever? I said a week or two ago I find them more interesting than Pete/Addison, but the been in love bit is pushing it and do we need two couples forced upon us so soon? Also, Cooper didn't get that the boy was talking about another boy? Not to sound sexist, but how many ten year old girls hang out at skate parks? I have one near me and I've never seen a girl skating there.

one</i> of the twins be his brother/sister. Brian being his brother would be hysterical. Btw, I am really enjoying the burgeoning relationship between Brian and Brian Jr. I think Brian loves the kid in his own unique way.


We may be getting Season 3 of BSG on DVD in April 2008. Sigh. I guess this means I should burn it off the DVR.

Looks like the next X-Files film is actually a go. It also sounds like there may still be a wee bit of residual tension.
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