Asta 2


So after a looooong day at work and looking forward to a loooooong weekend at work (more on that at a later date), I look forward to Hugh Jackman on Viva Laughlin tonight. Accept mother nature decides to hit us with severe weather and the local weatherman wants to play hero so guess what is not on my TV screen right now? Sigh. At least by tomorrow I should have other ways to see it.

Um, that's all I got. Maybe I'll watch 30 Rock now.
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I have it on right now, but I can't form any kind of objective opinion about it because I hate the way they've done the musical scenes so much. Instead of just having the actors sing, they have the original song playing as the backing track. So you hear Elvis Presley singing "Viva Las Vegas" along with the lead actor, and Blondie singing "One Way Or Another" along with Melanie Griffith. WTF?
Huh. That's an odd way of staging the musical performances, especially since Hugh has a musical theatre background and is an executive producer.
Cookie Jars!!!

I was laughing so much (inbetween weather interuptions and signal drops......
Didn't have any signal drops thankfully. I love that Jack collects cookie jars. :) ::stares at M&M collection::