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Weekend Round-Up

So where has everyone been this weekend? LJ has been dead, dead, dead. My exciting weekend included…actually, there was no excitement. I did finally dump off a car full of gently-used crap to Goodwill. Yes, Phase 1 of the cleaning is complete. Of course, there are about thirty phases, but, still, one down.

There was also some cleaning off of the DVR. I learned that we are being cheated on Pushing Daisies. I was able to get three episodes on a disc and I can never get more than two on a disc using the SP recording mode.

And there was some post office drama. I swear, why does the automated machine make it so difficult to determine if it’s an envelope or a package? According to the graphics, it’s an envelope. According to the size, it’s an envelope. But once you put CDs in it it becomes rigid so does it become a package? Of course, I go with the two out of three and common sense and call it an envelope, but now I live in fear of mail being returned to me.

Since I watch nothing regularly on the weekend, let’s talk Friday TV. First up was Friday Night Lights and, imho, the best ep thus far this season, but still flawed.

The Tyra/Landry storyline hit another low. Landry had the “best night of his life” with Tyra. Having sex with a hot chick will completely make a guy forget about murder and body dumping. And, later, we had Tyra’s ‘joke’ to Landry about having to kill him to keep him quite. Ugh. NOT funny. Do they assign different writers to different characters? I’m trying to figure out how these characters and their storyline has become such a disaster.

I’m not crazy about how they are handling the storyline for the new coach either. It’s awfully heavy handed. And considering that the school just recently had to settle a lawsuit regarding Jason’s football related accident, wouldn’t a coach driving kids so hard they have to be hauled off in an ambulance raise, at the very least, some ire?

I don’t think Buddy working on Eric to get him back as coach is as selfless as he’s trying to make it seem. He most certainly does miss being part of the inner circle. However, having lost his family because of neglect and bad decisions, I think he is seeing clearly what is happening to the Taylor family and doesn’t want to see the family go through what he has gone through.

Julie’s rebelling still remains infuriating as well as understandable. I thought Gracie’s existence and having to share her parents attention had a lot to do with why Julie was acting out. Have we seen her even look at the baby? And “Your baby’s crying” cemented my feelings before she even lashed out at Tami. Still, I think her telling The Swede to drive away was totally irrational, even for a teen. Wanting to avoid confrontation is one thing, but she was acting like she was running off for good. At least The Swede had the sense to avoid a kidnapping wrap.

Oh, Tami. When she admitted to Eric that she had slapped Julie and then completely broke down that was gut wrenching to watch. She’s always looked at herself as a good mom and she IS a good mom who just made a very bad choice when pushed to the edge while at her lowest and now she must deal with the horrible guilt.

Matt is certainly growing up. I didn’t agree with his attacking Smash. It seemed like an overreaction. Yes, Smash is letting his ego get the better of him, but when compared to his early Season 1 behavior, he didn’t seem nearly as self-centered and derisive. On the other hand, I though it was a nice gesture by Matt to apologize to Eric for the break-up even though it was Julie's idea, not his. I also liked that he’s trying to be a team leader and is finally moving out of Jason’s shadow. Oh, and for the first time I found him kind of hot.

Some random things I liked:

- Eric not liking Glen’s hand on his wife’s icebox. ;)

- The final shot on the football field with Matt, Smash, Jason, and Riggins all isolated from each other,mproviding a stark contrast to the togetherness the team shared at the end of the season.

- Jason/Riggins road trip! Someone has to be writing the slash after that, right? Right???

I’m sure the McShepers were over the moon with this episode. But, I have to say, there were quite a few Teyla/John moments. If this wasn't Stargate I would think they were setting them up as a couple.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the ep. It seemed pretty pointless. I’m still confused by the set-up with the evil crystalline alien. And this is the third episode with an Alien reference. This time, not only do they reference, they have a discussion about it. Good grief. Ronon was humorous in seeing the humor in the crazy people around him. :)

Because of the guest appearance of Don Davis on Flash Gordon, danceswithwords and I opted to watch and OMG HOW CAN A TV SHOW BE THIS BAD?! I don’t know how the people involved can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning. I actually had to get alcohol after the teaser.

Explosions! Pretty! And old skool Cylon fighters! Cool! And even though I don’t know the Columbia or anyone on board, it was still pretty horrifying to see it break apart and hear the screams of it’s dying crew. God, I love and miss this show.

A BIG THANK YOU to the anonymous gifter who gifted me with a gold star. :) Seriously, it meant a lot to me, especially since there isn’t that much going on with BSG right now...and that statement makes sense if you saw the note attached to the gift.
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I was surprised at how easy it was to catch up on a weekend's worth of LJ. I guess people are off relaxing or something.

And oh, man. A Goodwill trip. That's something that we really needed to do this weekend, and didn't. Maybe next weekend!
I looked at LJ this morning and then again this evening and there were very few posts in between. People must have gotten lives or something. ;p
Re: Tyra's tasteless "joke"

AGREED! That was awful. I was choking back bile I was so disgusted by that line. This whole storyline is ridiculous. On another show, maybe. On this show? It is jarring and stoopid. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

Everything else I like. Sometimes I love. For instance, Riggins standing in his bedroom with his pants dipped way low on his waist? That I love. ;-)

I'm kidding! Sort of. No, what I really love are the Taylor family dynamics and all that's going on there. Also, I really do think that Tim wants to believe that not everything has to be complete shit. That he should find that through religion? I dunno. But it also makes sense that he totally tried to make out with Lyla. It's who he is and he's just a confused, maladjusted, very hot teenager.
On another show, maybe. On this show? It is jarring and stoopid.

If it was on Stargate: Atlantis I probably would have just said "typical", but, yeah, it's incredibly jarring on FNL. It's like the show has some sort of split personality this season.

I knew you'd like that shot of Riggins. ;)

I don't think religion is the answer for him and I'm still not sure it's the answer for Lyla, but he certainly needs something in his life that fills him with a sense of self worth and purpose. That use to be football, but with a coach treating him like shit he doesn't have that to fall back on now.
he certainly needs something in his life that fills him with a sense of self worth and purpose. That use to be football, but with a coach treating him like shit he doesn't have that to fall back on now.

Yes, wonderful point. He has nothing that doesn't feel terrible right now and it makes me incredibly sad for him. I am hoping that this jaunt to Mexico with Jason will get them to another level of friendship heretofore not seen.

As far as religion and Lyla goes, I think it's entirely possible for some people to find all the answers they need in religion. I think Lyla could be one of those people. I wish I could be.
I am hoping that this jaunt to Mexico with Jason will get them to another level of friendship heretofore not seen.

Me too! Wait, are we talking about the same level? ;)
Well, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it and this is a show which is treating *murder* lightly so I think a bit of homosexuality should be easy. ;-)
SGA was so underwhelming this week that first I had to remember if I'd watched it (I have), then I had to remember what interaction there'd been between Rodney and Sheppard! Oh well, that's what you get when the story is so transparently recycled from SG-1 that Carter actually refers to the original!

(And I may have spent all the scenes in her office looking for O'Neill pictures...)
I may have looked for pics once or twice myself. ;)

I thought Ronon was funny and John and Teyla were cute together, but that was about it.
I swear, why does the automated machine make it so difficult to determine if it’s an envelope or a package?

Hee! I mailed some CDs this weekend too, and had a little confusion as well, but I was using padded envelopes so those are packages (I assume). If you put a CD in a regular 8x10 envelope then MOST of the envelope can still be bent - does that still count as rigid? I would be inclined to categorize any non-padded envelope as an envelope, no matter what was in it, but I could be sorely mistaken.

But at least they have more guidelines on those machines now because it used to just say "letter" or "package" without really describing them, and that was way confusing. Luckily they've now realized how dumb we can all be...though they still need to explain "rigid" envelope a bit better!

And now I've written way too much about mailing things. Bored now! :)
I used padded envelopes and counted them as envelopes because the office supply store calls them mailing envelopes. Ahhhhhhh!!! However, I received some DVDs from a friend of today, she used a padded envelope, I checked her postage and I think I'm OK.

The fact that we are having this discussion proves the USPS still has not done enough to clarify this important issue!
It may just be based on weight, so it might not matter if you select envelope or package. I don't know!! :) But if they want us to use self-service (and they do seem to be promoting it, what with the sweepstakes and all) then they should be prepared for people to mess it up.
Atlantis is a bit zzzzzzzz at the moment. Where is the excitement?!