I was just about to email you. 1.2 is, like, not even good for Stargate, so I can't say it's a surprise. Sorry, Hugh!
Heh. I was just thinking that it's conceivable that Stargate: Atlantis beat it in the ratings.

Btw, the DVDs arrived today. Wheeee!!!
I fast-forwarded through most of the first episode, attempting to find something good. I didn't even like the first episode of Blackpool that much (haven't watched the rest), but even with that, it's still light years better than Viva Laughlin. And it at least had the "These Boots Were Made For Walking" musical number, which was the best part of the whole first episode of Blackpool. Somehow, even Hugh Jackman didn't help. At all. It was sad.

I know a few Brothers & Sisters fans who will be happy.

Oh, right! Because Kevin's boyfriend can come back from Malaysia. Yay. :-)
I still haven't seen the first ep. I may try to acquire it just to see Hugh. The show had so much bad buzz before it aired and a weekly musical is a hard sell, especially when they have such a bizarre way of staging the musical numbers.

I'm not a B&S fan, but I knew Kevin's boyfriend was on VL. LJ, keeping people informed! ;)
Once I'd put this through the IMDB to find out why I was going to be happy, you're right, I am!! But the thing is that I can't see how an American version was ever going to be as good as the original - there was something so perfect about it.
I haven't seen the original, but I hear it's far superior to the US version. The only thing I'm upset about is missing Hugh's ep which was to air next Sunday.
Actually two eps, so technically it's not the fastest cancellation ever, but it comes darn close.
I don't know. Hugh singing and dancing to Sympathy for the Devil while wearing a well-tailored grey suit was highly enjoyable in that 'hope-my-tongue-doesn't-get-permanently-stuck-to-the-television' way for me.
I'm DLing the ep right now and it's taking forever because I seem to be one of the few people who wants to see it. Hmph.