With a writers' strike likely just around the corner, I think a lot of mediocre or poor new shows are going to get a longer run than they otherwise would have, but it's going to be the keepers that will get the additional episode orders before the strike. Shows that haven't received orders for new episodes by next week -- count on cancellation once the network has used up the episodes they already paid for. At least ABC recognizes that they have one new show worth hanging on to - YAY!
I agree. I think it's why Moonlight, Cane, and Big Shots haven't met the ax yet, the networks are trying to stockpile some product.
Moonlight is OK, but Cane tuned me out after episode 1. Moonlight isn't must-see, but I don't mind watching it. Pushing Daisies I do want to own on DVD.
It's a quirky, clever show AND people are watching it AND the network hasn't canceled it after three episodes. It's like dogs and cats are living together!
I know! Maybe this is ABC's way of making up for renewing According to Jim.