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Before I get to slightly deeper thoughts, I have to say...OMG, CASSIE AND SPIKE'S MOM TOGETHER! That proved very distracting to me.

Imho, this was the weakest episode thus far this season. I didn't hate it and there were many moments that I loved, but I didn't find the patient of the weeks story well thought out. Digging up a grave? Sorry, that was really pushing it. Actually, it pushed it right into shark infested waters. Putting aside the craziness of it, I have a couple of reality checks. First off, coffins just aren't put into the ground anymore, they must be enclosed in another enclosure. Second, Cuddy just is resigned to House having his team dig up a corpse??? Third, it was horrific to me that ALL of them could just go along with destroying the coffin, disturbing the body, and then just tossing dirt back on it (I hope!) as if nothing happened.

I think Foreman passed hitting bottom. Dude, you didn't think Cuddy would know you've been turned down for every other hospital job in town? Worse than having to, essentially, crawl back and accept his old job at his old salary, he's called a "House-lite". He's called a pale imitation of a man he vowed not to become. Ouch. But given his cocky attitude, he deserved it.

Wow. What did this blonde ER doc do with the real Cameron? Encouraging ass kicking? Egging on a Mormon to violence? I'm both horrified and amused. Though she did still get House his coffee. I guess she can't completely let go of the past. ;)

Cutthroat Bitch had an excellent observation - that House won't get rid of 13 because not being able to figure her out is entertaining to him. We all know how House love's puzzles and 13 is one to him right now.

Sam's Dad Bosley, I'll miss you! He made some great calls, but, damn, he was right, House doesn't need someone to tell him what he's already thinking. I really hope he does give Wilson a call and they get together.

It's been a pop culture palooza this season. Tonight we had two shout outs with Charlie's Angels and the rosepeonies ceremony from The Bachelor. I particularly loved the, um, doctor who doesn't seem to have a nickname practically grabbing for the flower. Poor bastard. Since he has no name and I don't recognize him I'm thinking he's gone soon.

Favorite exchange:
"Have I humiliated you in the last half hour?"
"Check your email."


Wow. Spike TV isn't much with the censoring. Apparently, only the F word is a no-no. And it has one of the scariest audiences I've ever seen. Still, I have to say, unlike so many awards shows, the presenters and award winners seem to be having fun.
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