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'Stargate: Atlantis' Renewed for a Fifth Season...I Think

I can't find an announcement on the SciFi site or Gateworld, but I found this blurb at the Media Week site:

More Stargate: Atlantis: Sci Fi Channel has renewed drama Stargate Atlantis for a fifth season, with an order for 20 additional episodes.

Media Week seems pretty reliable and given the lack of success SciFi has had launching a new series, this is probably true.
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Let's see, without Atlantis in production next year SciFi would have...uh...Eureka, Ghost Hunters,! They won't even have new episodes of Doctor Who to borrow from the UK until 2009. Oh well, there's always ECW. :P
I'm surprised they're announcing this early. But, yeah, it's not like SciFi is resting on its Flash Gordon laurels at this point.