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Dang. I finally got myself some Pushing Daisies icons, but forgot to upload them last night.

I don't know if I'll ever have deep thoughts about Pushing Daisies which is OK. It's nice to have a show where you can just kick back, relax, and enjoy without feeling the desire or need to analyze. Not that I don't enjoy analyzing, but it can be exhausting. Moments that made me very happy:

"Big Daddy needs some new yarn." Heeeeee!!! I'm not even a knitter, but I very much appreciated the sentiment behind the remark.

"That one arm bitch was speedy." So do they just write all the funniest lines for Emerson or is it Chi that makes them so funny?

It took me a few seconds to realize Olive and Vivien were singing "Birdhouse in Your Soul" which was OMG PERFECT! I think it may be because I was too busy contemplating that the star of Wicked and the star of Little Shop of Horrors were singing together. :) I'm going to call it right now, assuming we get a second season, there will be a musical episode.

ETA: I forgot about Digby! He may be my second favorite character. ;) Loved the reunion between he and Ned and that they actually addressed that he knows to stay his distance.

Private Practice - I only continue to watch this show for Tim Daly and Paul Adelstein. Pete and Cooper need to go set up their own practice somewhere away from the crazy ladies. I actually had to flip the station several times because the women set off my cringe alarm. The really insulting thing about the show though is it's a medical practice that not only flouts standard medical practices, but the doctors are missing totally obvious diagnosis.

Huh. This episode was more serious than any previous. Tripp was acting like an ass in regards to the twins who I suppose we are to now assume aren't his. I have to say, they do seem to care much more about each other than any of the other siblings seem to care about each other, which makes them more like Nick, but it could also be a twin thing.

They certainly humanized Brian fast. He was genuinely remorseful about the affair and how it quite possibly has destroyed his life and marriage. More shockingly, he was nice to Nick. He even apologized to him. (I'd much prefer we find out Nick and Brian are brothers.) And instead of being angry at Brian Jr., he tells him he did the right thing.

TV Guide has an interview with Jensen Ackles. Pt 2 will be posted on Friday. I didn't see any spoilers, but I don't watch the show. ;) I didn't know he was almost Clark Kent.

Also from TV Guide - MORE behind the scenes changes at 'Bionic Woman'. I'm at a loss as to why NBC is fighting so hard to save the show. The feedback being left is awesome. With the exception of one person everyone agrees that Michelle Ryan needs to go. My favorite response to the article is, "Maybe they can get Jason Biggs in drag to replace Michelle Ryan? Anyone would be an improvement."
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I love Little Shop of Horrors. There are actually 2 verisons (well, i'm sure more that than but i mean on tape/dvd). One with Rick whatshisname and a VERY early verison with... wait for it! Jack Nicholson (if i'm remembering correctly, I have it at home on disc) in black and white.

I've seen the one with Rick Moranis, but I'm not sure if I have seen the original. I do own The Raven, a Roger Corman film starring Vincent Price and Peter Lorre that features one of Jack's earliest film appearances.
ohhhh... Mine is by him too! "Roger Corman's The Little Shop of Horrors with Jonathan Haze and Jack Nicholson."

it's... strange... seeing Jack looking sooooo young!
*averts eyes from Pushing Daisies until I can see the episode*

I don't see what they can do to fix Bionic Woman short of recasting the lead and starting over.
I don't see what they can do to fix Bionic Woman short of recasting the lead and starting over.

Precisely. Unless the new guy is actually planning on killing Jaime? That would be entertaining. :)
With regard to Bionic Woman...replacing Michelle Ryan won't fix it. They also need to fire the entire writing staff (including, sorry to say, Eavid Eick). So if you're going to clean house to that extent, it's better just to dump the show and spend your resources elsewhere. It's a lost cause.
Bryan has actually said that there would be a musical episode if they got the back nine, which, HEY! they kinda already did. Of course, it may have just been flippant, but I can't imagine they'll wait long to do it even if it was said half in jest. =)
With the writers strike looming I thought it might be too ambitious an idea to mount this season, but I could be wrong.

"Big Daddy needs some new yarn." Heeeeee!!! I'm not even a knitter, but I very much appreciated the sentiment behind the remark.

"That one arm bitch was speedy." So do they just write all the funniest lines for Emerson or is it Chi that makes them so funny?

I'm not sure either but I don't care - Cod is adorable and the ME is pretty darn hilarious as well.
Outside of Bob Newhart, I'm not sure I've seen anyone work the dead pan humor as well as the ME. :)
Aww... the BW comments over there sure are harsh. I don't think Michelle Ryan is terrible. I just don't think she is right for the role. She's obviously not used to doing an American accent and it shows. I feel bad for her. I've heard she was quite good in Jekyll and even Katee in the lead couldn't save this material.

I want to love this show but damn. I understand Katee is shooting two shows at once but what about Will Yun Lee? Why can't see Jae in the field instead of Isaiah the !#$%^%

" Katee Sachoff has the range of a tree slug. She can only act one character and on BW she is Starbuck with bionic powers."

A WHOLE tree slug, really now?
Ouch, I didn't see that comment about Katee. :-/
I agree to an extent about Michelle Ryan. She's definitely being saddled with some pretty poor material that nobody could spin into gold, but I also don't think she's quite charismatic enough to be a strong leading lady. Maybe she'd be better in an ensemble piece.

For Katee's sake, I rather hope the show gets cancelled soon. I just don't see it improving, and I'd hate to see her shackled into playing backup on a show that just lingers in mediocrity for the next five years.
The best thing to happen to Katee's career right now would be the show getting canceled.

And I agree that Michelle might be fine in an ensemble, but she doesn't have the experience or charisma to carry a series.
Also, we've seen so many other non-American actors pull off American accents in a seemingly effortless fashion this year that it's tough to be TOO sympathetic to Ryan's travails. But again, I think it's a general poor judgment of the show in casting decisions as well as writing decisions that's the real problem. If your handpicked star can't handle doing the accent on a regular basis, you need to recognise the problem and get her a dialogue coach pronto. And if that doesn't work, maybe you should've picked someone else.

I don't mean to sound totally heartless. I mean, I don't think Ryan's a terrible actor or anything. But she's not able to turn the sow's ear writing into a silk purse performance. You'd need one hell of a charismatic lead to sufficiently mask the show's weaknesses.

Eick & Co. have run into casting problems before. Grace Park was *really* wooden during the miniseries and S1, and while she's improved over time, she's still not a very consistent actor. But making a poor casting choice for a supporting role in an ensemble drama is the kind of problem that won't sink a show. Making a poor casting choice for the lead in a show that's built entirely around its central character, that's a much bigger problem. But miscasting Ryan is just one of this show's major problems. I don't see it as being salvage-able. And I had *wanted* to like it.
I've seen a lot of criticism of Isaiah. NBC forcing him on the producers was a very bad idea. I guess we can stop holding our breaths for the spin-off starring him. :p

I didn't see the comment comparing Katee to a tree slug. Ouch. She and Miguel are the only ones who seem to be rising above the material.
I wonder if Miguel is now wondering if he should have taken a year off after 'Crossing Jordan' got canceled. Or hit up his cousin George for work.
I know exactly what you mean about Pushing Daisies. I don't want to analyze it, I just want to keep loving it. Even when the plots get a little too whimsical for my tastes, I just love all the character so much. Especially Emerson and Digby.;)

I'm enjoying Dirty Sexy Money a lot as well. I think the hints about the twins being Dutch's are a red herring -- I bet it's really Brian. Or if the show wants to become *really* twisted, it might be Karen. Probably not, though. Heh.
They were so heavily hinting that the twins were Dutch's that, yeah, I have to think it's a red-herring. Maybe he's disgusted because they are HIS and he's responsible for how they turned out. Though, put aside their spending habits, they aren't that bad.

I don't think they'll go there with Nick and Karen. They already have a transsexual storyline and I think that's as far as they are willing to go.
I finally caught Pushing Daisies and you're right - it's a show to just kick back and enjoy, and I did! Loved everything you mentioned, particularly Chi's comment on new yarn, LOL. I didn't know Swoozie Kurtz was on the show! I'm glad it's been picked up for an entire season, actually I'm very surprised. Yay for ABC having an imagination!
Glad you enjoyed it. Have you DVR'd the previous eps? You need to see Emerson's gun cozies. :)
We don't have a DVR, so I'll just wait for the reruns :) We were discussing Emerson's gun cozies at open knitting!
crap. I missed Pushing Daisies.

As for BW, tried to watch it. tuned out because Katee Sackhoff wasn't in the episode and went back to watching Mr. Brooks. Maybe they just need to kill off Jamie and bring in Crovus as the lead character as she struggles to get back her humanity.
I didn't know he was almost Clark Kent.
Thanx God they chose Tom or he'd stuck in that Smallville thing and i didn't have my Dean!fix every week.