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Season 4 of 'Battlestar Galactica' to air in April

Via the always on top of things wisteria_, the LA Times is reporting, via Ron, that the fourth season will begin airing in early April. There is a casting spoiler in the article, but it's one that I think everyone is aware of.

I'm hoping this means that they will air the entire season next year with a break over the summer. At least the DVD release slated for April makes a bit more sense. On a personal note, I have more time to write that long gestating fic. ;)

Oh, and meshel73 reported at the battlestar_blog the other day that Season 4 promo pictures are slated to be taken the weekend of November 2nd. I thought with a January or February launch date we might see them in December, but who knows now? :/
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Aw, man. I'd been hoping for those promo pics. The anticipation was alleviating some of this INSANE FRAKKING WAIT.

I'm just... GAH. You know me, Asta. I'm the most hardcore positivista in fandom. I'll find an optimistic spin for even the worst news. But this is rapidly shoving me to the end of my rope.
I must have resigned myself to SciFi's stupidity because I'm not as incensed as I thought I would be by the news.

Maybe we should just be relieved we are even getting new photos and they are not recycling last years and photoshopping more hair on Jamie. :p
*sighs* Well, I guess that does explain the DVDs, eh? But if they do this and then split it anyway... oooh. As it is, how much audience will they have lost by waiting a full year?
Yeah, the ratings in April should be interesting. Of course, this is the same brain trust that ordered twenty episodes of Flash Gordon.
*snort* This is true. I can't tell you how annoyed I am by the fact that I'm actually recording Flash Gordon solely so I can fast-forward through it to catch 2 minutes of young!Bill Adama. And the sad thing about FG is that I could've dealt with the utter cheeziness of it if they had just a few characters that didn't feel like cardboard to me. Ah, well.
I know! I'm hoping there is no way SciFI can find out I'm recording the show. My DVR isn't tied in with Comcast or Tivo so ::crosses fingers:: it's not helping ratings. Cheeziness I could deal with. I actually find the 1980 film to be entertaining. But some of the actors seem to be taking the show seriously and others like it's a joke and NONE of them can act. Plus, Flash keeps taking off his shirt and he really, really shouldn't.
Gah!!!! That's insanity!!! I think we need a new word: "hiatus" somehow doesn't seem to capture it when it's an entire year long!!!
Hmmm. Another delay? I wonder if they're trying to give themselves a little elbow room in the case of the almost-inevitable writers' strike. If the strike can be resolved before too terribly long, they might still have time then to complete the final episodes without having to push off the conclusion until 2009. Let's hope.
If it was any other show on any other network I'd say it has to do with the strike, but this IS SciFi so who knows?
Battlestar Galactica...

*searches memory*

I seem to remember something about that. A show about... robots? Or was it chickens? Robot chickens? It's been so long...
Oh for fucks sake...

I hope they rerun S3 before S4 finally airs, because, seriously, are they TRYING to lose their ENTIRE viewer base?!?!

I... just... argh Skiffy.
Any idea if Sciffy is debuting anything else in April along with BSG which to them would warrant the wait? I am still trying to wrap my brain around the insane troll logic behind this.
I'm assuming Stargate:Atlantis will have a split season. I heard a rumor of a rumor that BSG might move back to Fridays. If so, perhaps the plan is to pair the two together.
makes sense. just wasn't sure if there was something new in the pipes that would be worth holding bsg back for. here's hoping we get to go out strong on scifi friday the way god intended, lol.