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The It's Great To Have Monday Off Edition

Happy (belated because I didn't post this weekend) Birthday! to two swell gals from The Board That Shall Not Be Named ;) ketzel and electricexprmnt. Hope you ladies had great days. :)

This was yet another weekend where things were dead, dead, dead on LJ. I was busy this weekend so only popped my head in for a few minutes here and there, but I noticed I wasn’t missing much and wouldn't have a backlog to catch up on. In addition to the weekend posting slow down, I’ve also been noticing lately that people aren’t posting as much immediately after their favorite shows air. I have a theory that this is all related and that DVRs and time shifted viewing are changing our posting habits. I think many of us catch up on our TV the next day, if it’s a show we really love, or on the weekends if it’s something we merely like (I watched Life Sunday morning while eating breakfast). When Battlestar Galactica got moved to Sundays at ten, I know it forced many of us to alter our viewing and posting routine. The nice thing is that the more relaxed viewing/posting schedule now seems to apply to all shows and, personally, I think it’s a good thing because there isn’t that ‘If I don’t post NOW, no one will read this’ mind set. Or maybe that was just me. ;)

And speaking of delayed posting, here are my thoughts on a few shows from last week.

First off, is anyone else not as enamored with Ugly Betty this season? I loved Season 1, but the show is barely holding my attention this season. I’m actually thinking about scratching it from my TV schedule. Betty even pissed me off this past week and that’s not a good thing.

I really wish that had left that flashback on the cutting room floor - at least the first minute of it. The badly CGI’d centurion chasing Adama down mid air and then the two getting into a shoot out was laughably bad, imho. It’s a show with sci-fi elements so I’m willing to accept a bit of ridiculousness and hand wave here and there, but that was pushing it.

This felt like an episode of missed opportunities. What was the point of bringing in another coach if he was going to be so easily terminated? Buddy’s little speech was good, but not that good. When the coach (whose name I can’t even be bothered to remember) informed Eric that he has a family too it was hard to muster much sympathy considering what an asshole he was to everyone around him and he put a kid in the hospital.

And Eric was unemployed for, what? A commercial break? They could have at least drawn that out for an episode.

A two minute mother daughter chat in a parking lot makes Julie see the light and, I guess, begin to patch things up with Tami. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to see was Julie lose her virginity to The Swede and then have her realize he didn’t really care about her. But seeing drug paraphernalia was enough to shake her up and send her running? Didn’t she already know about his drug use?

So if I guy is wanted for rape in two other states it’s OK with the police if he was murdered? I’m assuming they did an autopsy (by law you have to with a suspicious death) and found his skull fractured and that his lungs weren’t filled with water. Granted, the guy was scum and probably got what he deserved, but, legally, he was still a murder victim.

I just felt throughout the episode that everything was falling into place far too easily and that things were merely reset to the end of last season.

What did I like? Buddy practically stalking Eric. First there was, “How did you get this phone number?” followed by him pulling up in the driveway thirty seconds after Eric arrived home. Tami’s reaction to him crashing her husband’s homecoming was also priceless.

Jason is just breaking my heart. It was always clear he was in denial as to the extent of his injuries, but he’s gone from the power of positive thinking and rehabilitation to trusting a 'doctor' in a seedy back room who wants to implant him with shark embryos. And I’m not Tim Riggin’s biggest fan, but I really felt the terror he was experiencing, knowing what Jason was about to do to himself, and begging Lila to come to Mexico to help save him. I think Tim went on the trip with Jason figuring they’d party for a few days and then he would come to his senses. When that didn't work, he probably thought meeting with the ‘doctor’ would be a wake up call. But now he sees Jason’s desperation and, I agree, he could die or, perhaps even worse, lose what mobility he does have.

I haven’t seen last night’s Dexter, but have *finally* caught up on the rest of the eps. While I’m enjoying the show, I don’t feel I have a lot to say. Though, it would be crazy for me to have nothing to say ;), so here are a few observations.

I don’t know what I was disappointed by more, Lt. Pasquale becoming psycho, stalker girlfriend abusing police resources or discovering Maria had been screwing the fiancé. I was just beginning to like Maria. She was being very competent at her job and sticking up for her superior when she seemingly had every right to turn on her. It pisses me off the writers went in the direction they did with both characters.

Poor Rita. Be careful what you wish for. Lila is competition, but not in the way Rita suspects. Lila gets Dexter in ways Rita can’t and probably wouldn’t wish to. While he was forced into treatment based on a phony heroin addiction, the truth is he does have a problem and being able to share his feelings with others may actually help him (a bit) psychologically and emotionally. Honestly, I know his father loved him and was trying to protect him the best he could, but I also feel that teaching him to lie at every turn did him as much harm as good.

I hope Agent Lundy is the nice, competent, professional that he seems. I don’t want to find that he has skeletons in his closet (literally). I also don’t want to see Deb, who seems to have a crush on him, hurt again. Though, I think there are definitely some daddy issues there. She seems to be getting the acceptance as a professional from him that she didn’t get from her father since Dexter took up so much of his attention.

Thanks to molly_may, 'The X-Files film begins shooting December 10th! Of course, where does my head immediately go? Duchovny and Bamber in Vancouver at the same time!
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