I hadn't realized Wonder Woman was a dead fish...and I'd never heard of "Goners"! Guess I've been out of the Whedon loop. I've just spent about a half hour catching up on allthingsWhedon.. and damn did it make me all nostalgic and even more awestruck by Joss' brilliance. He interviews so well. All kinds of quote-worthy gems. *sigh*
I'm not reading the Angel comic; I tried the Buffy ones, but it just seemed wrong somehow, and I was so disappointed in Angel's ending anyway that it's going to be better for me to skip them. I've seen the proposed direction before, and maybe it would have worked, but I don't have faith.
I bought the Season 8 Buffys but I haven't read them yet. Kinda afraid to. Keep hearing stuff like you said. Plus, even if they were wonderful, it would be disappointing to have it all come to an end all over again (only I guess they're going to string out Season 8 for the next 17 decades to rake in the cash).

I've never been a comic person (can one really tell a story in like six pages with 10 words?) and the handful of Buffy ones I bought in the past, a couple of the Willow and Tara series, were pointless. Occasionally they nailed the dialogue, mannerisms, etc. and that was cool, but still, dreck.
I'm sort of interested to see where the Angel comics go if only to find out who lives and who dies, but I'll rely on my Flist for the information. Comics have never much interested me either. I can appreciate the art if it's done well, but I prefer a medium which can give more detail to the story and characters.
I was actually OK with the Angel finale with the exception of Lindsey's murder. But a post-apocalyptic LA, imo, is pushing it. Not to mention, I think the show was dark enough.
When it comes to the Angel comic book I am, to quote Spike, paralyzed with not caring very much.

I did love this Joss quote:

I watched Bionic Woman and I loved the Buffy-Faith fight at the end of the premiere.

Hee. So true.
I'm sure someone on my Flist will buy the first issue, tell us who lived, and then my curiosity will be satisfied.
heh heh, huh huh, heh! Joss said Hellnostril!

/lamest Beavis & Butthead attempt ever