Hmmmmmmmmmm. Lets hope that A) Its awesome and B) it doesnt get Fireflyed
Heh. I just added another link to an interview in which Joss discusses working with FOX. He's more optimistic than I am. ;)
OMG!!! I'm so excited!!! Why isn't my f-list buzzing???
I don't love Dushku all that much, but Joss and Minear!? A series!? OMG! YAY!

*does numbfar's dance of joy*
Hee, I just saw this news as well - on Yahoo. It could be very, very good. Here's hoping.
Along with Tim Minear, FOX, and a seven episode commitment, I'm already putting the $20 aside for the 'Complete Series' DVD release.

And possibly up to three of those will air before FOX cancels it. WOO!
Well this is the very first good news I've heard about prospective television for 2008. Very cool!