Asta 2

It's About Damn Time!

Comment Editing for Paid and Permanent Account Users! WOO!

Thanks to sdwolfpup for the heads up.

In other exciting news for ME, the BSG love has returned full force. I stayed up past my bedtime last night reading and replying to meta. I laid in bed contemplating my long gestating fic and had, imo, one great scene idea. BSG is again driving me to sleep deprivation and I love it!

Oh, and my Shifting Sands DVD arrived! (Yes, I am totally abusing the explanation points in this post!) For those of you who don't know what the hell Shifting Sands is it's a film Jamie did while at university and he looked so very, very different. That's going by pics I've seen, I haven't watched the film yet, but it's something to look forward to this weekend. :)

I also have a massive amount of TV to catch up on/comment on, plus *a lot* of RL stuff to do because thomasina75 will be here in six days!
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i'm waiting for razor as i type. half an hour to go... huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrry!

am glad the f-list is alive with bsg love again! i kind of felt alone in my worship. ;)

and yay! fic!
I never, ever...ever abandoned the show, but I haven't been this excited about it in some time. I think the film really succeeded in filling in some gaps while setting up situations for Season 4.
Hey, thanks for the heads-up about comment editing. Yay!

I'll send you an email this weekend or early next week to touch base on a couple things. I always over-plan. ;p
:D SO glad you're back into BSG love mode. :D I have BSG sleep dep too--good to know I have company. ;)
I'm just happy that the film helped kick start my drive to write fic. And there weren't even any big L/L moments! :)