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Screw It, I Can't Think of a Title

I've been meaning to post about TV since last Tuesday's House, but now with a backlog of other TV shows and a new House premiering tomorrow I say let's just start fresh! And with work, ongoing apartment projects and a house guest in three days... Eeeeeee!!!....this week will probably be posting-lite as well. However, some really, really, really brief thoughts on tonight's TV.

Now that I have told myself I don't have to love this show, I'm enjoying it a lot more. It also helped that the wacky spy hijinks was toned down...a lot.

Bryce may not be a bad guy. Yay! I'm still bummed he's dead though because he's cute. He actually reminds me a bit of Sean Maher. And he seemed to genuinely be looking out for Chuck. Their first meeting was incredibly sweet.

Why is Stanford the governments spy recruiting center of choice?

Best line of the night: "Leave the quips to me."

I liked Matt standing up to his dad. Other than that, eh.

Peter's storyline still stinks up the joint.

I wasn't even paying attention to the Hiro/Kensai storyline, probably because I called the end result during the season premiere. Right down to Kensai/Adam ending up in the present day.

West continues to be very creepy. Who just shows up first thing in the morning with waffles?

Noah, just leave Claire behind, she's becoming more trouble then she is worth.

And Mohinder? He's become so dumb I can't even find him pretty anymore.
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