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The State of My TV Viewing

I came to realize the WGA strike has really screwed me up. It's not that I'm upset that they may lead to come of my shows being preempted at some point - I have many DVD box sets to watch. It's that because of the once possible, now very real strike the networks only canceled two abysmally rated shows thus far this season. It's usually they that decide what shows I'll be sticking with, but now I'm left with too much damn TV to keep up with and having to make my own choices. So, what to do? I have to start thinning the heard. There are other things I want to be doing and I'm finding that trying to keep up with TV, including shows I'm not enamored with, is keeping me from other goals.

Monday: What a difference a week can make. Chuck was on the bubble, but I really enjoyed this Monday's episode. If they continue to tone down some of the slap-sticky spy stuff and introduce more back-story, I'll definitely stick with it to the end of the season.

Heroes I've come to realize I watch for three characters and to stay in the loop. I'm not even really paying attention to the show. One plot point this week apparently went right by me. But the reason I'm not paying attention is because the writing is not all that engaging. In some cases, it's just plain bad. So, next Monday is the shows last chance with me. If it fulfills the promises made in the promo, I'll stick around, if not, bu-bye.

Tuesday: Bones and House - like the former, love the latter, they are definite keepers.

Wednesday: I'm ABC's bitch this night. Pushing Daisies has been added to the 'You Have My Complete and Undivided Attention' list along with BSG and House.

Private Practice I'll stick with for now because a) it doesn't have dense plots and I can do other things while watching, b) Tim Daly is hot, and c) I finally found a female character I like, Charlotte.

Dirty Sexy Money has many terrific actors, a fun family dynamic, and does a decent job of balancing the comedy with the drama. I could do without the murder mystery plot, but I've seen worse subplots.

ETA: I forgot about Life! Which I DVR and watch on the weekend. Not an awesome show, but I like Damian and it is getting better each week.

Thursday: I'm thinking I'm down to 30 Rock. I loved Ugly Betty last season, but the show has lost it's sense of joy, imho. The real problem though is Betty. I'm alternately irritated by her or angry at her. She use to be ignorant in the ways of the business world and just how bitchy people could really be and it was enjoyable to see her prove herself. Now she seems fairly confidant at Mode, but has become a complete moron in her personal life. And don't get me started with Hilda enabling her bad choices.

Friday: Friday Night Lights got off to a rough start this seasons, but this past weeks episode reminded me of why I love the show.

The Razor flashbacks may, in fact, be the best two minutes on television.

Stargate: Atlantis - I'm not sure why I keep watching. Perhaps it's my refusal to abandon SciFi Friday. And, what the hell, I'll give my unpopular SGA opinions while I'm here. If I were to ship anyone on the show it would be Teyla and John because she has smarts and can kick his ass and I think he needs a little of both in his life. Plus, she seems to have a crush on him and if he'll make her happy, so be it. Ronon may be may favorite character. He seems to be aware he's surrounded by idiots. And no offense to David Hewitt's abilities, he does well with the material he is given, but Rodney could die and I'd be fine with it. The writers haven't destroyed Sam's character yet, but I'm still at a loss as to why she is there.
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