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I really enjoyed the first 30 minutes of this episode. Then it seemed to devolve in into the typical 'let's throw out a half dozen diagnosis and see what doesn't put the patient at death's door'. Finally, in the last five minutes, the episode totally went off the rails. They turned the earnest doctor, who wanted to go back to Africa to treat the desperately poor and sick, into a nut job? He infected the patient with polio to get research funds?! I'm all for plot twists, but that one felt like it was pulled out of the writers asses moments before shooting began.

It's a shame they went for the twist over logical character development. I was really enjoying Foreman being wrong, repeatedly, and having to face some hard truths about himself. He is arrogant and selfish and cocky and he was looking at killing yet another patient because of that. I also loved that he had left because he feared becoming House, did, in fact, become House, and now was still acting as House would. But while he wants the authority and respect that House has, he really hasn't done anything to earn it. House may shoot down other people's ideas (as we saw him do at the CIA), but he lets his staff run their tests and at least entertains, however briefly or mockingly, their ideas before ruling them out. And Foreman either forgets that these doctors have as much if not more experience than him or he believes his three years with House makes him smarter than all of them put together. So, yeah, I really liked seeing him fall, hard. Sadly, any personal growth was quickly wiped out as he was proven right and his colleague was shown to be a crazy man.

Michael Michelle's character taking House up on his offer didn't make a lot of sense to me. I got the impression that working on top secret cases for the CIA and being able to call in anyone she wants at any time to assist on a case meant she had a damn important position. She gave that up to work for House? Who she knows listens to no one?

Is anyone else getting the sense that Cameron and Chase are no longer a couple? His comments to Cameron about letting go of House didn't sound like those of a jealous boyfriend, but one who realized some time ago that she still had feelings for another man and walked away.

I'm getting really tired of the cancer diagnosis without any actual testing for cancer. If the patient had a rare form of blood cancer wouldn't that, I don't know, show up in a blood test?

Loved Wilson in his brief appearances. First, his reaction to finding out that House was at the CIA and then later trying to decide how much he should tell Cuddy and getting bitten in the ass for telling the truth.

Speaking of Cuddy, is her role now to just be bitchy and ineffectual? Because I don't see what else she is doing.
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