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Just Some FYI's

thomasina75, barring flight delays, should be here in six and a half hours. YAY! Which also means I won't be around online much until Sunday. On the other hand, she is bringing her laptop and I'm hooking her up with my wireless so... ;)

I tried to catch up on comments at lunch with a fair degree of success. I still owe some of you though.

And I think I'll have a Lee Adama post in my future. It's Razor month! Let's show our love for our show, it's characters, and the cast and crew. :)

Some people on my Flist have had really horrible weeks and I just want to say, once again, that I'm thinking of you and sending you good thoughts and virtual hugs.

Look at my awesome new icon by lostonbroadway! It and others can be found in his/her post HERE.

And speaking of the writers strike, if anyone has good suggestions as to how to show our support, please share. To me, not buying DVDs is a bad idea because, yes, while you are hurting the studios, you are also hurting the directors, actors, and writers.

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