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Weekend in Review

I had a fabulous weekend hanging out with thomasina75. It had a humorous start on Thursday evening as I frantically ran up the ramp to the concourse at the airport to meet her because her plane, which we both expected to get in late, arrived on time. OK, when does THAT happen with the airlines nowadays? After that, we grabbed some grub and went back to my place to watch Supernatural. She was quite adorable in her excitement over certain scenes and I cannot mock because I am certain I have totally acted the same during certain BSG scenes. :)

Over the course of the weekend, I learned much about Supernatural, Jared, Jensen, Jensen's awesome work and Jensons's vehicles of shame. She, in turn, heard much about Jamie Bamber, watched one of his vehicles of shame, Ghost Rig (hey, she HAD to see the red tee shirt!), and his very first appearance on film, Shifting Sands. I have to say, watching Shifting Sands with someone is much more entertaining than watching it alone.

We also talked *a lot* about fandom (the good and the bad), fanfic (including her encouraging my Hornblower crackish AU and this was before seeing the films), work situations (which are amazing similar), and general life stuff. Phew!

Speaking of Hornblower, after Thomasina was kind enough to endure Jamie's not-so-good work, I dug out the first in the Hornblower films, The Duel. Now, two years ago at Dragon*Con she listened to sdwolfpup and I go on and on...and on about Hornblower, the boys, and BSG. SDW and I did manage to successfully convert her to BSG. She already wasn't too happy with us over that. ;) And she wasn't looking to add to her list of fandoms. But, as The Duel came to an end there may have been a "damn you". Hee! While there are some slashy moments in that film, especially if someone is encouraging you to see them ;), there was no question as to Archie and Horatio's deep and unwavering love for each other by the time we finished The Duchess and the Devil. I told her the next time we see each other their may be Stargate viewing. =)

Other then TV viewing, I gave her tours of various areas of the city. I worried I missed things, but apparently the board of tourism and I are on the same page. When it came time to eat, I tried to avoid chain restaurants, though Logan's continues to be a big hit with out-of-towners. Go figure. And I took her to a coffee house turned pizza place turned bar/Italian eatery that I knew had good pizza, but turned out to have better then expected pasta dishes.

We also went to see Lars and the Real Girl. Some of my fellow LJers have already posted raves about the film and I'd like to add to the enthusiasm for the movie. It was definitely one of the best films I've seen this year and Ryan Gosling, predictably, blew me away. I don't know if I can say he gave THE best performance this year, but he definitely deserves an Oscar nomination. Such a subtle, nuanced performance. And kudos to the filmmakers and cast (all of which were very, very good) in finding humor in the situation, without once making the audience laugh at Lars. Overall though, what gave me the most joy, is that in a world of such cynicism here was this very sweet story of how an entire town could find it in their hearts to rally to the aid of one young man.

After bidding adieu to Thomasina ::weeps::, I caught up on TV. 30 Rock, Al Gore is a much better actor then one would expect...even for a politician. ;) SGA, let's just say I'm seriously considering giving up on it. Friday Night Lights, YAY!, the show I know and love. I thought it was getting back on track last week and it would seem I was right. As always, loved Eric and Tami. Jason's comments about his past and future were spot on and I am so relieved for him. I find myself liking Riggins more and more each episode. The writers seem to be introducing new characters to the ensemble in a very organic way which is impressing me. I'm torn about the turn in the Landry storyline, it both makes sense to me and doesn't.
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Oh, people say that ten seasons of Stargate viewing is not going to happen, but it does! ;p

I knew we would have a good time, but it was even better than I expected. I think we all need to become independently wealthy so we can fly off to have fannish discussions in person whenever we want! :)
Jason's scenes this week were wonderful! I'm so torn now; it breaks my heart to think he'll get stuck in Dillon, and I want him to get out, but OTOH I would really miss him if they wrote him out. And Lyla! Is growing on me even more!

And yay for fun weekends! :-)
I don't think Jason will be leaving Dillion any time soon, but I think he realizes he needs to find something outside of Dillion football to give his life purpose. I was so happy that he realized he was hanging on to the past, a past he can never have again, and that he had to make changes if he was going to move forward and build a new life for himself.

One thing that I found interesting that I wish the show would explore more is that Jason's family could have had a significant role in his trip to Mexico and his desperation to walk again. How could they have thought bringing out his old football films at his birthday party was a good idea? Reminding him of what he lost? I bet you they bring up his glory days all the time and he has no way to get away from it.
30 Rock, Al Gore is a much better actor then one would expect...even for a politician.

He was much funnier than I expected. And OMG Kenneth's party!
I kind of wish they hadn't shown what went on at Kenneth's party. Those brief clips fell a little flat for me. Just one look at Jack with the rolled up sleeves and OMG THE HAIR! and you knew it must have been crazy. Then having Kenneth chastise everyone (Poor Dot Com!). This is one case where I thought telling instead of showing worked better.