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Monday Night TV

Bullet points since I'm feeling lazy tonight.

* Rachel Bilson was very cute as Lou (if not a big stretch from her role as Summer) and she's probably evil.

* Sarah really does have feelings for Chuck. What a shock!

* I wonder how much Kevin Weisman enjoyed playing the bad guy?

* With the exception of the pilot, I never believed Casey would shoot Chuck, but it was nice to hear him admit it. :)

* Captain Awesome is pretty awesome. And I, too, have called it moo juice. Shut up.

* OMG THEY GOT RID OF HARRY! That surprised me. He was like Chuck and Mason's arch nemesis!

I'm guessing that was Bryce in the pod, chamber, whatever you want to call it. But my guess is he'll remain in a coma for some time to come. Like until the writer's strike ends.

What I loved:

* The thirty seconds that Peter and Nathan shared together. And, good grief, could they be any slashier?

* No Mohinder! At least on screen. WOO!

* That we got a damn good explanation as to how Peter ended up with amnesia, half naked, and in a shipping container.

What I liked:

* Adam, who I'm still leaning towards as the bad guy, but why follow through on his promise to help Nathan if he just needed Peter's help to escape? Maybe he does want to save the world, yet wants revenge on those who locked him up for thirty years?

What I hated and where to begin:

* The twins. Far too much time was spent on a backstory for two characters that no one gives a damn about. And it really didn't tell us much.

* Elle. Honestly, I've never felt Kristen Bell was much of an actor and I stand by that after seeing this episode. She was totally ripping off a performance I've seen before but, crap, I can't remember who she's stealing from. Not to mention the character is incredibly annoying.

* Niki has yet another personality. Joy.

* The silver cowboy boots. Seriously???

* I'm no expert, but I'm fairly certain you need months of training before you become a full fledged fireman.

* D.L. survives a near fatal gunshot wound to die of a gun shot wound. Sigh.

So, I said last week this was a make or break episode for me and...they broke me. I do want to see the Peter/Nathan reunion so I shall DVR then fast forward through the rest of the episode. That's all I'm willing to give the show.


Courtesy of the Televisionary, Mourning TV, an opinion piece posted in the NY Times written by Lost's showrunner Damon Lindelof. An excellent piece on the current state of TV viewing and how the strike effects the writers, studios, and fans.

Via TV Guide, Jennifer Morrison cast in the new 'Star Trek' film. Some speculation in the comments as to who she is playing and I think those people are probably right. And I hope this means we dodged the Rachel Nichols bullet.

Last, but not least, a very Happy Birthday!...a day early to kats_meow. You came up quite often in conversation this weekend. All good. Really! ;-)
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