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'Razor' Review 1.0

Because the cat is out of the bag and Razor has been shown in theatres, I can now share my review. I'll either link on the 24th or maybe I'll have new thoughts after watching it again. I didn't get as meta-y as I thought I would. Maybe I shouldn't expect to be long winded all the time. ;)

I'd also highly recommend checking out bop_radar's posts HERE and HERE. Some really great observations/discussion to be read.

She's also started bsg_hiatusthon to help tied us over until April. Go join! :)

* using my 'The CAG' icon because no one has made a 'The Commander' icon...hint ;)
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Definitely something along those lines. :) I've been looking for icons that specifically reference him being the commander, but haven't come across anything. I love my The CAG icon, and, in some ways he'll always be the CAG to me, but it is a bit outdated. ;)