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I thought this episode was an improvement over last weeks outing. I will admit to being a bit of a sucker for the old plot device of a camera crew following the series regulars around and getting a new perspective on them as they discover things about themselves. It's been done excessively by now, but if done well, I still enjoy it. And they did give it one interesting twist. Of all of them, Wilson was not the one I would expect to be screwing with the documentarians. I guess his eagerness to embarrass House will trump any other considerations. :)

I also enjoyed Cameron's slip of the tongue - she loves House. Present tense. Her feelings never went away and the writers have chosen not to drop the storyline. Interesting. Even more interesting was her monologue in front of the mirror. I assumed she was alone, not that she had an audience, and certainly not Chase. A very not-irritated-at-all by this Chase. I said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think they are couple any longer. I just cannot fathom a man sitting by so calmly as his girlfriend works on clarifying her feelings of love for another man.

Enough is enough with the duckling wanna-bes. The storyline has run it's course. However, I will say I was grateful to finally get an explanation as to why a successful plastic surgeon would give that up to, basically, start over and work under someone. The guy didn't seem as if he had an epiphany that he had been wasting his life. Interesting layers were revealed. He's a philanderer, but one who is willing to sacrifice his career rather than lose his wife. He's an ass on one hand, but, on the other hand, how many doctors choose their wife over the fancy shmancy practice and big money?

Great Nip/Tuck shout out. :)

Now for the one big problem I had with this episode, Michael Michelle. Why was she there? House can be swayed by a pretty face. Wow. I never knew that! :p Perhaps I would have been less irritated if she wasn't so dumb. Even I knew her diagnosis were wrong. And while taking shots at the CIA's intelligence isn't without merit (see Wilson's Bay of Pigs joke), I really have a hard time believing that the CIA would choose to put someone so ignorant of basic medical diagnosis in charge of their medical program.

Worse than the stupidity she showed was her seeming fragility. House fires her and she's holding back tears. It's insulting. A woman loses her job and she wants to cry. Let me guess, a guy wrote this script? Forget that most people's natural reaction to having just given up a successful career for the promise of another successful career and then being kicked to the curb would be colorful language, screaming, and a possible call to their attorney. When this show misses the mark it really misses the mark. Maybe I should just be grateful this horrid storyline only lasted two episodes instead of five or six.
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