Given the link my friend just provided to show what James' character should look like, at least Michael and Jamie get to show off the pretty! ;)
It's so weird, I'd heard of this project before. There's been a lot of speculation and debate about which way the studio would go...bigger budget with an attempt to reel in general audiences (ala Transformers) or super rushed hack job that they know enough fanboys will go to to cover the budget (ala Mortal Kombat). I think we can see which direction they chose. Still, it's Marsters, it's not like he really has any bad choices to make at this point.
I heard about the project ages ago and just figured it was in development hell. Now it's in production hell. ;) I have to wonder if the film will even make it to the theatres, but the strike might give it a better chance.
Oh, I'm sure it'll make it to theaters. They wouldn't already have given it a release date if they weren't desperate to get it out there. What shape it will be in when it's released is another story.
Uh...ok. Can't he find any roles playing naughty English teachers or something? Something Lolita-esque but with less on the squick factor? I'd pay good money to see THAT ;)

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I'm happy for him that he has a job. That's, uh, the nicest thing I have to say, since not even JM could get me to see this movie.
Hee. Then you aren't a die hard fan. I've sat through some truly craptacular films and TV for Jamie Bamber. ;)