Letterman rocks my 'fro. The timing for this strike (holiday-wise and utilities wise) is horrendous. It's good to know that someone of conscience is thinking about it and making sure that good people aren't utterly screwed financially as a result of fighting for their rights.
I've heard over the years that Letterman has donated a lot of money to various causes and has kept it very hush-hush since he doesn't like the attention. The consensus seems to be that this only got out through word of mouth from relieved staffers.
Yeah, the timing of the strike is lousy. It's good to hear about Dave, though.
Personally, I think that's bullshit. Letterman can do what he wants, free country. But you can't "be on strike" and take hand outs to do your job anyway. That's not a strike. That's being a selfish asshole who gets a double helping of cake, meanwhile all kinds of people paid less than writers are getting walking papers. But no, we'll focus on how all those "scabs" crossing over from daytime soaps ("they must be bitches!") are mucking up the process.
I didn't get the impression that Dave was doing this just to support the writers, but to support all the people who work for him because he realizes that a lot of people are being effected by this who aren't members of the WGA. I support the WGA, and by extension SAG and the DGA who would be getting the same treatment next year, but it's unfortunate how many innocent bystanders are getting hurt by all this.