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Damn You JJ Abrams

It took thirty seconds for me to forgive Vaughn. I'm already to be pissed off at the guy for weeks and then they cut to him in Syd's burned out home crying. That coupled with the supposed DNA evidence and I found myself not hating him.

Still, I was happy to see Syd choke and punch him. :)

Her speech to him at the end of the show left me shaking my head though. Um, sweetie, how long was Danny dead before you were eyeing Vaughn? And you were clueless that your best friend was replaced by an evil double yet he was supposed to know you were still alive? How long was he to wait? Five years? Ten? I'm sorry, it all came off more than a bit selfish and immature.

I did like Jack's dig though that Vaughn was never good enough for her. Typical Dad moment. :) It also will help to create some interesting tension as the season progresses and when they eventually get back together.

I'll also be curious to hear more about Jack going to Irina for help in tracking down Sydney. Just how long were they together and what else were they up to?

I was happy to see that, presumeably, Weiss and Dixon will have larger roles this season. Though, I'm still not sure I like the idea of Dixon heading the division. Seems a bit odd after only really being a member of the CIA for two year.

Sloane's a good guy now? And the Rambaldi artifacts revealed 'Peace'? Uh-Huh. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Well, Switzerland in this case. :p
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