The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Wanna friend Ron Moore?

I had planned on doing a more substantive post about TV and such, but I crashed on the couch shortly after getting home and then spent the last hour catching up on posts over at Fans4writers and throwing out some probably lame ideas. You know me, I always have $.02 to spare.

Anyway, one thing I did want to point out is that Ron Moore's blog is now syndicated and can be added to your Flist. Woo! In addition to strike news, it does appear he's be posting, at least a bit, about BSG.

This weekend, at some point, there will be TV talk and possibly Lee meta. Or at least the Lee meta will be started. Sadly, I will have to work this weekend. Thanks to a bunch of people looking for a better life and slaughtering the indigenous people to get it, next week is a short work week.
Tags: wga strike

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