Psst... Nikki Finke is finally reporting on the actors' contract termination, and she quotes an unnamed "Battlestar Galactica thespian". Hmm! I wonder who! At the start of the article, she says the scanned letter is from "an actress on a TV series", though that might not be the same as the unnamed BSG actor. I don't really see Katee getting involved in this, and I think Tricia and Grace are mostly based in Canada, so I'm betting it's Mary.

Kinda cool to see Cylons on Deadline Hollywood Daily, though. *g*

(Also, possible spoiler here on the Skiffy forums. I'd dismiss it outright like I did with the similar ones last month, but then MrsRon posted later in the thread and didn't debunk or even acknowledge it. So, who knows? I'm wary, but at this point, anything's possible.)
I think the letter and the unnamed BSG thespian could be two different individuals, but it doesn't really matter. Interesting that the original story that came out was that the actors were suspended at half pay. One thing I'm confused about is that the SAG contracts state that the actors have to be reinstated after five weeks or their contracts are terminated. And while the next five weeks could suck for the actors (if the strike isn't settled) they would seem to be free to pursue other projects by the end of the year.

As for the spoiler, even if it is true, I think there is much more to it. Especially given what has happened on the show in the past. ;)