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The WGA Strike and It's Effect on 'Battlestar'

wisteria_ gave me the heads up to a report that the BSG actors may be getting screwed over more than other actors contracted to NBC/Universal

I've read the article three times and am still a bit unclear as to what is happening. To me, it reads as if NBC/Universal is in direct violation of the SAG agreement if they are suspending the actors without pay and prohibiting them, indefinitely, from looking for other work. And if the BSG actors fulfilled their contract by filming 13 episodes, aren't they free to go? On the other hand, the responses coming from 'someone in the business office' may not be entirely accurate, as in, it could be someone who isn't directly involved with all this. I'd love to know who the unnamed BSG source is and if Katee or Jamie will let loose at the Con this afternoon.

Ron Moore also updated his blog today with a brief recap of the situation. I still feel the show will be back to finish up, but yeah, there is a possibility that it might not. Could we be looking at a mini-series like Farscape got rather than another ten hours?
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