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Where did the weekend go?

I had plans this weekend. Not going out and having a social life plans, but plans to tackle long gestating projects. So much for that! While I did manage to do some organizing and make the backlog on the DVR less intimidating, the WGA and subsequent fallout onto the actors has both scared and fascinated me much of the day. I dealt with the hiatus from hell, even when it got pushed back to another level of hell. I dealt with the show coming to an end after only four seasons. But if the show ends on a mid-season cliffhanger I will not be dealing well. I can only take so much NBC/Universal! And I can't even throw blame at Sci-Fi here!

On to happier things, let's talk TV that is currently airing.

After 'Bitches', I see there is an upswing in Chuck/Olive shippers. OK, fine, but for the love of all things holy do not nickname your ship Chive. I've already seen an icon with that and stop it people! NOW!

As for the episode itself, there were so many little things to love. Polygamy not being looked down upon as long as it's not connected with a cult (and apparently all the women have their own jobs, own homes, and own lives). Olive being honest (mostly) with Chuck about her kiss with Ned. Olive being adorable with her "Can I play?" I think Olive has been very lonely since her racing days came to an end and now she sees the opportunity to be part of a group again and have long as she understands she's not getting paid. ;) I loved that the show answered one of my questions before I had time to ask. It only took a week for them to explain how Olive went from being a jockey with a horse named pie (Ha!) to working in a pie shop. :) And while Vertigo is one of my least favorite Hitchcock films, the show did an awesome job of replicating a key dream sequence, substituting Emerson for Jimmy Stewart.

Imho, this was the funniest episode of the season. Jack and the Democrat Congresswoman and the whole other layer added when you take into account that it's Alec Baldwin playing the conservative. Jack watching Lifetime. Liz racial profiling her neighbor and turning him into the government. (Me wondering if I should be horrified that I'm laughing at this.) Finding out the neighbor was auditioning for The Amazing Race. Liz breaking down the forth wall to ask Verizon for their money. And did anyone else think that when Jack's assistant opened up the secret door we weren't going to find clothes, but a shrine to Jack?

Life - No spoilery comments on this. I just wanted to say that this is the one new show this season which I've watched consistently get better. And this week they had me flirting with analyzing!

I've been silent on recent flashbacks because some of the footage is in Razor. But I was giddy about the last 30 seconds of this clip. Adama and the Old Skool Cylon sharing space. OK, sure, the Cylon was in a museum case, but, still, cool! Dorel walking up to inform Adama that Lee would be leading the fly-by and that the higher ups "made him available". Another reason for Lee to be pissed when he first arrived on Galactica. ;) As much as I loved this all, it dawned on me that they were adding a forth time frame to the film and that does seem a bit excessive.

I'm warming to the idea of Matt and the health care worker. I don't think she is suppose to be more that a few years older than him so I'm not being squicked. I appreciated how at ease she put him the next morning after the kiss. And that smile of his was so damn adorable. Plus, the girl he's actually dating? She annoys me. I don't think she is interested in him for him, but because he is QB 1.

Again, I found myself warming to Riggins, or at least his situation. It was incredibly thoughtless for Billy and Jackie not to consider his feelings and how their relationship would affect him. Not to mention, it does squick me that it doesn't seem to bother Billy at all that his girlfriend was sleeping with his teenage brother.

I'm not bothered by Julie being hot for teacher or that he may have an interest in her. Well, technically, I am bothered, but since the situation, sadly, happens in high schools I can't accuse them of creating false drama. But her pouring out her heart to him after we've known him for all of two minutes, if that, came off as a 'made for TV' scene to me. I can understand her not confiding in Tami, but she does have friends.

I know Tami wants to play by the rules and her heart is always in the right place, but I had to side with Eric on the Santiago situation. It's scary, but the truth is Buddy Garrity is a better choice than the foster care system. Santiago, at what? seventeen?, is not going to be placed in a home, but a facility and how long before he gets into a fight or worse there and ends up back in a juvenile facility? Buddy isn't going to be a great parent to him, but at least he has a safe, relatively stable environment to live in. And with Eric and Tami keeping an eye on things he has a shot at graduating and doing something with his life.

Well, that wasn't completely terrible! I'm kind of shocked Rodney admitted that the current situation was his fault. Personal responsibility! Who would have thunk it! And Teyla's rapidly expanding tummy has been addressed. I'm at a loss as to why it's complicated, but, as danceswithwords pointed out it's probably because the writers want it to be. Just please let have her conceived the old fashioned way.

I think the highlight of the viewing was this exchange though:

Me: Is there a pic of Jack in a tux behind her (Sam)?
DWW: ....I’m rewinding the TIVO

Sadly, neither of us could confirm it was Jack. This is where HD would come in handy. But in my mind it is Jack in a tux from his and Sam's secret wedding. ;)

I've been watching repeats of The O.C. on Soapnet and I have to say, as bad as I thought the Oliver storyline was, the Johnny storyline tops it in badness. At least the guy playing Oliver had more than a single facial expression. Johnny was a deadly combination of bad actor/boring character. We were expected to think he was competition for Ryan? Seriously?

Many of you may recall I've mentioned that Ultimate Force, the series Jamie did before Battlestar Galactica, is the worst thing he's ever appeared in. Well, it would seem the American viewing audience agrees with me! BBC America pulled the show from it's schedule after five episodes (the first series was all of six episodes) and the BBC America website has no future airings scheduled. On the brightside, (I say somewhat sarcastically) I did manage to track down Jamie's final two appearances from Series 2 through alternative means. I still haven't braved watching them though. ;) Now I'm just down to lacking Jamie's season of Peal Practice.

Dirty Sexy Money has been picked up for a full season! Assuming the strike ends! :p

For my fellow fans, 'Carnivale' is on sale for over 50% off at I'm amused that you can buy both seasons separately for a total of $44 or both seasons packaged together for $110.

If you want an easy way to help show your support for the writers there is the Pencils 2 Media Moguls campaign. I sent ten boxes...and a message. ;) Don't worry, I was polite.

Reviewing my post-it, I think that's everything I wanted to touch upon. :)
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