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Super Brief Thoughts on Tuesday's TV

The angel statuary. Walking through the cemetery. Ending up at a mausoleum. HEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm just wondering how much of it was David's idea. The angel had to be. :)

I neither loved nor hated this episode. It was entertaining enough, but did seem like filler. However, I loved the next to last scene and how House put the pieces together. Bad move by Big Love. The one thing House cannot stand is someone playing him.

I'm more than a little disappointed in Cuddy and her constant attempts to undermine and manipulate House. She'll never win. And since she's admitted repeatedly that he's a genius and it's worth putting up with his crap then why does she continue to pull these stunts? Maybe I should be grateful that at least it distracts her from trying to get him to give up his supposed addiction.

Can someone explain to me that if the the Mormons are powerful enough to keep Marie Osmond in this then why isn't Mitt Romney doing better in the polls? :p Of course, the judges padding her scores are a a help as well.
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About DWTS. I feel like that LOL cat macro - DO NOT WANT! At first I was neutral about Marie, now not so much!

It's a pity about Jenny, she had her weaknesses, but she was also the most improved. And I'd have liked to see more of Derek. Julianne is beginning to grate on me big time and I don't get the big deal about Helio. Mel B really grew on me - and she made me like Maks, and I didn't care for him at all.
You know, I kinda feel the same way about Maks. For some reason, he's more likable with Mel B than he was with Leila last season. Although I think some of what annoyed me about him last season was his choreography. I think he's done much more interesting stuff with Mel.

Ditto on Jennie, Helio, and Julianne!
Jenny has shown vast improvement and she's so darn likable! The one thing that hurt her was an obvious lack of confidence. I think it was Bruno who said it was a shame that she didn't realize she was as good as they knew she was.

Julianne and Helio have been my pick from the beginning. Sorry! Not really. ;) Though I admit Julianne and Apolo are still my DWTS OTP. Maks has really grown on me this season. Maybe because he gets to share the spotlight with Mel?
I'm a huge Maks fan. While Laila was very good, she was practically his size (and Maks is a big guy) so I think that in itself limited his choreography with her. She was also more reserved than Mel. He seemed to enjoy dancing with Laila, but Mel has brought out something else in his dancing. More joy, and really inspired his choreopraghy. I recently saw a S2 clip on YouTube of Maks and Tia Carrera doing the Tango, which he added some original Argentine elements, and it was breathtaking choreography. Plus Mel is a nut, she brings the goofy with her, and it seems to have really lightened up Maks. The two of them look like the stars of their own sitcom. lol

Mel has really impressed me. I love her sense of humor and as much as she laughs, she works hard. So I'm rooting for her, but I won't be upset if Helio & Julianne win. We're opposite, Asta. lol But Oy vey, please not Marie! She's nice, and has a good spirit, but there is no way she should be in the finals. Her Latin numbers were never very good. Jennie for all her ups and downs, is a much better dancer than Marie. When they announced Marie was safe, all I could say was "Damn those millions of Osmonds"! Poor Jennie.
I neither loved nor hated this episode. It was entertaining enough, but did seem like filler
Yes, it was pretty meh for me. Except when No. 13 stuck that huge needle very hard into House and the scene with House and Wilson - the rest was yawn time, even the diagnosis.
The diagnosis was very anti-climactic. And it seemed odd that we didn't have a scene where the patient got the good news.
I was sad to see Big Love go, even if he did sell out his buddy. Maybe I just remembered him punching House. :-) Also, I'm kind of over Cutthroat Bitch and little old guy, so I was hoping he'd stick around.
Cutthroat Bitch I find interesting in small doses, but I could never see her being there week in and week out. And I kind of hope something is wrong with 13. It would be interesting to see her deal with a disease and House trying to help her cover it up. Odd that Cameron and Chase were totally MIA.
13 was so cute when the magician did the flaming wallet trick. Seeing a lighter Olivia Wilde is nice, no more of that "Irish chicks are depressed while their men are a drinkin' and a murderin'" stuff.
I've tried to block out 'The Black Donnellys'. I still remember her best from 'The O.C.' It's nice to see she's working and Mischa Barton isn't. :)
Well, between the Marie fainting sympathy vote and the death of the Osmond Patriarch sympathy vote, not to mention all the old women who adore her who are voting for her in general, I am worried that Mel B is screwed. Truly, the final two should have been Mel B and Sabrina. Those Mormons are smoking crack. At least Marie has the grace to know (and pretty much acknowledge) that she didn't earn the right to be there with her dancing. I like her as an individual. I think she's come a long way. And yes, she's fun to watch (at times) but she does not belong in the frakkin' final!

Also, kinda bummed not to see the Hough sibs (also Mormons) duking it out. But I must admit that Julianne has lost her polish for me and she's grating on my nerves as well. I'd much rather see Jennie in there than Helio.

That being said, I won't even get to watch the final live because it's being pre-empted by football. If Sabrina was still in there, I might care more. But Pittsburgh is Steeler country and even those of us who adore ballroom dancing kowtow to the greater love that is football.

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Don't forget about Marie's son in rehab! I think that irks me more than anything else about her. She's out there laughing and joking while her kid is locked up in a facility somewhere.

I'm a Helio and Julianne fan and think they are the best in the competition. But I agree that Sabrina should be in the final with them. Mel has made great improvement since the show began and Maks has grown on me this season so I wouldn't be upset if they won. But Marie winning would probably turn me off the show forever...unless Jamie hits a real career slump. ;)
Yeah, Asta. I was wondering that too. I know the show must go on and all that, but geez. What also irks me no end is Donny. Hello! You are not the one in the competition, Donny. Stay off the floor. Also, he's covering DWTS for ET. Doesn't that seem like some kind of conflict? Since he's talking about the other dancers? Maybe it's just me because I don't want her screwing up Mel's chances...

Ha...if this writers strike keeps up, Jamie may have some time on his hands. ;)
I get the distinct impression that Donny and Marie think DWTS is going to be the launch pad to some big comeback. As soon as the season ends I'm sure they'll be pitching a reality show to the cable networks. :/
I was disappointed Jenny was ousted, I thought on the whole she is a better dancer than Marie. But, I think it was a case of, if she isn't confident in herself it's difficult for others to be. I do really like Derek, though, he's a cutie and his choreography is terrific. That is what angers me about Marie getting to the finals - Jenny was doing much more difficult dances and succeeding more often than not, while Marie's numbers were easier - Bruno was right on that one.

Mel and Helio definiitely deserve to be in the finals, though, and I will be happy if either of them win. I am enjoying Maks quite a bit this year, it seems his choreography is much more inspired than last year. I think Mel is a good influence on him :) Helio is just a joy, and since he's the only non-entertainer in the mix, he's a wonderful revelation.