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Super Brief Thoughts on Tuesday's TV

The angel statuary. Walking through the cemetery. Ending up at a mausoleum. HEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm just wondering how much of it was David's idea. The angel had to be. :)

I neither loved nor hated this episode. It was entertaining enough, but did seem like filler. However, I loved the next to last scene and how House put the pieces together. Bad move by Big Love. The one thing House cannot stand is someone playing him.

I'm more than a little disappointed in Cuddy and her constant attempts to undermine and manipulate House. She'll never win. And since she's admitted repeatedly that he's a genius and it's worth putting up with his crap then why does she continue to pull these stunts? Maybe I should be grateful that at least it distracts her from trying to get him to give up his supposed addiction.

Can someone explain to me that if the the Mormons are powerful enough to keep Marie Osmond in this then why isn't Mitt Romney doing better in the polls? :p Of course, the judges padding her scores are a a help as well.
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