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'Razor'! It's Finally Here!

OK, it was here for some of us weeks ago, but, at last, ALL of you will get to see it tonight and share your thoughts and I am very excited about that. :)

Since about five o'clock today I've been pretty much immersed in Battlestar Galactica - rewatching the Pegasus arc (and cutting it close in finishing before Razor premieres), taking down notes, having a couple revelations, and all the while beginning work on a long gestating Lee Adama post. Oh, and figuring out how to adjust the settings on my TV so the aspect ratio on my anamorphic DVDs isn't screwed up. :p

Because the Razor Post 2.0 probably won't be written until tomorrow, I'm once again linking my original post from a few weeks ago. Which, yes, I'm re-linking a bit early, but I'm assuming none of you are reading LJ right now.
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Hello, I'm a moron
Well, fuck. I forgot. And it's now 10:51 p.m. so only 8 minutes left.

I've set my DVR to record it whenever it's on, so I hope Space replays it.

Re: Hello, I'm a moron
I'll forgo the mocking. It would just seem cruel.

On the bright side, it's being released to DVD December 4th.
I nearly forgot it was today since I've abandoned sciffy Fridays. But I remembered in time and was quite happy to rewatch it with some distance from my first two viewings last month. Scenes that bugged me the first time didn't do so this time (or as much) but I found I had other issues with the narrative that I will try to get into print before they escape me.

That being said, I was so damned happy to see BSG on the big telly with commercials and in real time, etc, the way god intended. YAY!

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One thing I noticed is that the film dragged for me a bit this time around and I don't think it was because it was a second viewing, but because of the commercial interruptions.

I picked up on a few things the second time around and having just finished watching the 'Pegasus' arc from Season 2. But They'll have to wait until I'm less brain dead tomorrow. ;)
dammit; I went to bed early last night thinking I'd find it for download today, but to no avail.
It doesn't seem as if it's getting repeated today. Maybe try their schedule for the early part of the week? I know there was a second airing at 1:00am.