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'Razor'! It's Finally Here!

OK, it was here for some of us weeks ago, but, at last, ALL of you will get to see it tonight and share your thoughts and I am very excited about that. :)

Since about five o'clock today I've been pretty much immersed in Battlestar Galactica - rewatching the Pegasus arc (and cutting it close in finishing before Razor premieres), taking down notes, having a couple revelations, and all the while beginning work on a long gestating Lee Adama post. Oh, and figuring out how to adjust the settings on my TV so the aspect ratio on my anamorphic DVDs isn't screwed up. :p

Because the Razor Post 2.0 probably won't be written until tomorrow, I'm once again linking my original post from a few weeks ago. Which, yes, I'm re-linking a bit early, but I'm assuming none of you are reading LJ right now.
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