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Some interesting information about the WGA negotiations

Just this morning I saw articles reporting the situation with the strike is still very dire, even with both sides talking again. Variety even commissioned a poll and the majority of people thought the strike would go well into the new year. But I just saw this Deadline Hollywood report. Nikki has been pretty damn accurate in her reporting and she says the source has proven highly reliable. So could the shows be back in production after Christmas? Start crossing those fingers and toes people.

Ok, I still intend to post mocking recaps of Ron's podcasts, but I have to give the man his due with his latest blog entry. He recounts his early days at Paramount working on Star Trek: The Next Generation (now I see why he moved on) and darn if it's not a fascinating read. Especially the shots he takes at Rick Berman. :) My favorite line: "At some point, Hans and Ricky discovered that it was possible to actually tell which page of a script was being discussed in Rick Berman’s office with a pair of binoculars and this led to covert gatherings whenever we knew that Michael Piller had been summoned for a 'Rick Meeting.' "
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