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I'm sorry, it's too early for Christmas episodes. I know December, even strike-free, is a dead zone for TV, but Christmas eps should not air until at least mid-December.

For my fellow Pushing Daisies fans, it airs at 9:00pm est tomorrow. Christmas specials, including my fave (no surprise here ;), The Grinch Who Stole Christmas air in the 8pm hour. Good thing I checked the schedule before setting the DVR.

I'm not a huge Torchwood fan, but for those who are Season 2 to air on BBC America in January. Apparently, episodes are airing here close to their airdate in the UK which is cool.

And for the Doctor Who fans, casting spoiler for the next season/series.
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Thanks for the heads-up about Pushing Daisies! That's actually great news to me because I get off work at 8:00, and now I'll be home in time to watch it live!
It works out well for me too since I have this thing to go to tomorrow night and I didn't expect to be home by 8.
It's not too early for Christmas episodes! It's after Thanksgiving - that counts! Hee.

I wonder if PD is doing a Christmas episode. I hope so.
I think American Idol is coming back next week, and Bones is on hiatus until January, hence the Christmas episode, but I agree, it felt odd. And I'm angry that A Charlie Brown Christmas was on opposite it!

Thanks for the heads up on Pushing Daisies! Now we can go grocery shopping early. And tape The Grinch - it's Cindy's favorite too :)
FYI, I think the Grinch is on at 8:30, 7:30 your time. But double check!

I forgot about AI! Eh. I never watch until they get past the eps where they embarrass people.