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I don't have much to say about House. It was OK. My favorite scenes were between House and Wilson. I usually side with Wilson in their disagreements/debates/arguments, but I was surprised to find myself completely siding with House this time.

My reaction was, "THANK YOU AMERICA!".......after finding out Marie was kicked to the curb. :-)

But I'm happy Helio and Julianne won. I like them and he was darn cute after they were announced as the winners. Seriously, you would have thought he won another Indy 500. I felt a bit bad for Mel who is quite talented, has improved each week, and was an incredibly gracious runner up even though you could tell she was disappointed.
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can I say? I'm ALMOST getting tired of House. I'm tired of Cuddy (or however you spell her name) being Cuddy. I'm DEEPLY relieved the Survivor! Intern Island! is over. I'm even getting tired of House's machinitions. the ONLY redeeming thing for me was agreeing with House instead of Wilson.

I tend to channel flip between House and NCIS but I didn't last night and regret it (although I was busy running around the house doing chores so I wasn't super-attentive).

also, although I'm not terribly fond of Mel B, i still wanted her to win. I thought she did a better job, over all, than Helio.

hmmm... apparently, i'm in a grumpy mood.
I haven't liked Cuddy much this season. This was probably the first episode in awhile where I didn't have an issue with her. They either need to start writing the character better or get rid of her.

I loved the Survivor idea for the first five weeks or so, but about two weeks ago I was thinking, "Enough already." And while I don't dislike the new cast members, I miss Cameron and Chase. I'm trying to figure out how they are going to mesh the two groups together now.

I actually thought Mel had a slight advantage over Helio. While she didn't know ballroom dancing, she had performed routines with the Spice Girls. Helio went into this with zero knowledge. Plus, he's a small guy and some of the lifts they performed were quite tricky.
Honestly? I wanted Mel to win. First of all, I felt she was a better dancer overall, but mostly I just wanted a woman to win this darned thing again.
Hey, can the men help it if they are better? ;p

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While there's no question that Helio was the best man there (and I pegged him for the finals his first night out) MEL was the better dancer of the two. Cute disarming smile wins America over yet again.
Technically, a woman did win. Julianne. Because she danced all around Helio. But a 100% times better Helio than Marie! That's one of the biggest problems with DWTS. People focus on the female even if it's subconscious, and what celebrity woman can compare to the female pro's?

I really was rooting for Mel to win. She had the entire package and was such a funny, good sport throughout. If Sabrina gets kicked off and then Mel who was the best and most consistant dancer can't win, a woman will never win this thing. Unless all the men are Jerry Springer/Wayne Newton clones. Nah...the guys would probably get the sympathy vote.
Depending on who is in the next round of competition, I may skip the show. It's too exhausting to follow! ;)
Ha! You're not kidding. ;) I knew Maks was taking a break from next season so I'm not feeling the urge to watch. Guess it depends on who is in. Donny Osmond...NO. Florence Henderson, just might have to tune in to see if Tom has to break out the defribulator.
I was beyond relieved that Marie came in third. And while I was pretty ok with Helio winning, I thought, yet again, that the better dancer in the finals lost. Again. Only once has the superior dancer won (IMHO) and that was when Drew won. Last year was admittedly a toss up between Joey and Apolo, although I still think Joey was overall better. But yeah, Mel B shoulda won. Jennie should have been in the finals instead of Marie. And if we're going to retcon all the way, idiotic Len & Bruno wouldn't have been so hard on Sabrina for her masterful foxtrot back in week 5 and she would have pwned all the way god intended ;)

But yeah--THANK GOD MARIE DIDN'T WIN! (of course that also tells me that Mel got the least votes)
Funny, but Sabrina's last dance was the one I really liked of hers. She was starting to get more subtle. Then, the ax. But the judges are all part of this debacle. Yes, Mel should have won, and Jennie defnitely should have been in the finals. It was pretty obvious by the finals when Marie didn't even bother to dance, that she figured she could win by the shear volume of Mormon and doll loving voters.

I didn't watch S1 of DWTS. Did Kelly Monaco deserve to win? All I know is there was controversy and a dance off with John O'Hurley which he won? So no clear cut win by a woman yet. Bah.
Kelly Monaco sucked. Granted she improved greatly over the 6 or 8 weeks that was the shorter first season. But John O'Hurley was robbed. I think the last woman that deserved to win (prior to this season) was Stacy Keebler who should have been in the finals instead of Jerry Rice. Had she gone up against Drew, it's hard to say who would have won. Then again, Drew was also the last dancer who won who actually was (IMHO) the best dancer in the finals.

I thought Sabrina's foxtrot was fantastic. I mean, what, she's supposed to be dainty when they give her a song like that? Her dance was classy, polished, and accomplished, and I thought that Mark really reigned in the choreography for once. So yeah, Len & Bruno blew it.

(note to Asta--thanks for your indulgence, dearie!)
Thanks for the info on the Kelly Monaco thing. And agree, agree, agree on the rest. Especially thanking Asta for her indulgence. Gracias Chica!:)
Not a problem. ;) I've only watched the the last two competitions and can't really comment. Though, I was watching some footage of Apolo and Julianne on YouTube and Apolo is a much better dancer than Helio. ;)
Oh, there's no question that Apolo was a *much* better dancer than Helio. I'd venture to say Emmitt Smith (who should NOT have beaten Mario Lopez, but that's a rant for another day) was a better dancer than Helio. Helio had enthusiasm and a great sense of showmanship. But he lacked technique and anything resembling polish.

Methinks I pay WAY too much attention to this stuff, lol.

::crawls back into hidey hole until Dance Wars in Jan::
Thanks. I've actually been tracking the situation, just opted not to discuss it here.