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Some Quick Links

I say quick because I should be working, but I don't want to forget to post later.

LJ's New Flagging Feature. Joy. I haven't really studied the information yet (I just saw the feature late last night). In theory, I think I approve, but this is Six Apart/LJ so, yeah, I'm a bit concerned. It's not always their ideas that stink, it's the execution of them. You have to go HERE to adjust your settings. Though you can't adjust one setting. ::is confused::

Thanks to indigo419, a link to Eclipse's Interview with Ron Moore. Minor spoilers for 'Razor', a few tidbits about the strike situation, but most interesting is news that a 70 minute cut of 'Unfinished Business' is planned for the Season 3 DVD release. That's a hell of a lot of footage to be adding back in. And it does help to explain, in part, the delay in the release of the DVDs.

Finally, 'Razor' scored a 1.2 rating. Honestly, that's about what I expected. I've seen many people comment around the net that they were going to wait the ten days for the DVD release. And that rating is actually high for SciFi's Saturday films. Sure, I would have liked it to have been higher, but I'd have been worried if it was lower.
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Do you know if the ratings number included DVR figures?
I'm personally waiting for the DVD so that I can view it for the first time uncut and as it was intended to be. But I also know of a few people who intentionally watched it delayed on their DVR's just to deny SciFi of the overnight ratings. Those few people can't have much of an impact on the numbers, but who know how widespread the sentiment might be?
I haven't seen anything on the DVR numbers, but I'm sure they would bump up the ratings. With it being Thanksgiving weekend and a Saturday night I'm sure many fans were busy doing other things. Plus, I don't know if SciFi cares much about the ratings. They had to air it on the network before the DVD was released or else Glen Larson could sue their asses.
I saw a comparison of Razor to the other SciFi Saturday night stuff, and thought it was sad that Razor didn't do as well as Basilisk: The Serpeant King, which was pretty wretched-looking.
But was 'The Serpent King' being released ten days later on DVD? ;) I've seen a fair share of fans comment they were just going to wait for the DVD release which is currently ranked at #30 on Amazon.
Does that mean MORE BOXING? How did we ever live without a 70-minute cut of THE BOXING?

Hee. :) Actually, the immediate comments I saw revolved around hopes of more Lee/Kara sex. I don't recall hearing/reading that a lot was cut from that scene, but who knows?

I know there was a boxing sequence involving Kat cut (I saw promo pics for it) and I think the Lee/Helo fight went on longer. But what I'm most dreading is the reinserted scene where Lee proposes to Dee and she gives her reasons for accepting. I think I'm going to like her even less after that. And Ron has described the scene that was cut between Kara and Tigh that helped to establish why they were on friendlier terms in LDYB Pt 2. Unfortunately, the scene involves a sober Kara blurting out to Tigh that she just had sex with Lee and Tigh giving her relationship advice. Most of fandom seemed thrilled this was cut because it MAKES NO SENSE. Yeah, I'm usually "YAY! New Footage!", but not for this ep.
You mean there will be more of the Totally Not Hot Sex? Yay.

the scene involves a sober Kara blurting out to Tigh that she just had sex with Lee and Tigh giving her relationship advice

Lordilord. Poor Tigh. He's got enough problems as it is without ending up with the blame for the Quadrangle. ;-)

Of all the episodes to need a longer cut...
You mean there will be more of the Totally Not Hot Sex? Yay.

hee hee hee. ;) I actually thought Lee and Kara were much hotter in 'Scar', but then they were acting like adults and not teenagers.

I wondered after the news of the Tigh/Kara scene came out that if Tigh had given Kara slightly different advice does that mean we would have had Lee/Kara? Of course not, which gives us another good reason why the scene should be left on the cutting room floor.

I'd much rather have a longer cut of 'Crossroads' with more Lee awesomeness. :)
While I am all about OMGPilots! honestly, I think the editing for the existing version of Unfinished Business is masterful (having watched it about 27 times so far) and I am worried about what a recut version will bring to the table, particuarly if the original version isn't also included.

That being said, I have no such qualms about my Razor pre-order. Go figure ;)

And I honestly think so many of us both a) watched Razor weeks before it aired and b) gave up on sciffy since there won't be any new bsg (or even bsg reruns at normal times) until 1/3 of the way into next year, so prolly a lot of people who would have liked to have watched Razor simply forgot? Or never knew it was on? Hell, I nearly forgot it was going to be on.
I hope both versions of UB are included because I have a feeling I won't be happy with the extended cut. 'Razor' to me is a different scenario since we are only talking about ten or fifteen minutes of footage and it's scenes that were meant to be kept in and had to be cut to run in a two hour TV slot. It's no different then we watch a theatrical film be trimmed to air on network TV.