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Some Quick Links

I say quick because I should be working, but I don't want to forget to post later.

LJ's New Flagging Feature. Joy. I haven't really studied the information yet (I just saw the feature late last night). In theory, I think I approve, but this is Six Apart/LJ so, yeah, I'm a bit concerned. It's not always their ideas that stink, it's the execution of them. You have to go HERE to adjust your settings. Though you can't adjust one setting. ::is confused::

Thanks to indigo419, a link to Eclipse's Interview with Ron Moore. Minor spoilers for 'Razor', a few tidbits about the strike situation, but most interesting is news that a 70 minute cut of 'Unfinished Business' is planned for the Season 3 DVD release. That's a hell of a lot of footage to be adding back in. And it does help to explain, in part, the delay in the release of the DVDs.

Finally, 'Razor' scored a 1.2 rating. Honestly, that's about what I expected. I've seen many people comment around the net that they were going to wait the ten days for the DVD release. And that rating is actually high for SciFi's Saturday films. Sure, I would have liked it to have been higher, but I'd have been worried if it was lower.
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