The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

New BSG Promo During 'Tin Man'

About 30 minutes in. Just head shots of the actors with brief voice overs.

Jamie with the longer hair! And in a suit! WOO! I'm soooooo looking forward to those new promo pics. Hurry up and release them SciFi!
Oh, and either James has cut his hair or it's in a ponytail - I think it's the latter. And Katee has super long hair, like she sported on New Caprica.

Six: I was instrumental in the destruction of humanity.

Baltar: I have failed so many people.

Lee: We make our own laws now. Our own justice.

Laura: I'm going to be slipping away from this life.

Kara: Shoot me. I'm not afraid to die.

Adama: No one's asking anyone to forget. We have to look to the future.
Tags: battlestar galactica s4
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