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My Thoughts On Conviction

Um, well, I didn't hate it. That's good right? ;) Personally, Conviction left me rather Blah. I understood that they would need the premiere to set up the tone, direction, and various story arcs for the season. I just wish it could have made for a more interesting hour of television (IMO, Alias did it's relaunch better).

At this point I have no deep thoughts. There really wasn't anything to have deep thoughts on. But, I do have some general observations.

- Eve both sucks and blows. Whether it's because she is a pale imitation of Lilah, or poorly developed, or horribly miscast I'm not sure. Actually, it's probably a lethal combination of all three. Hopefully, ME will see their error soon.

- The Wes/Fred situation still exists. It was obvious that Wes was jealous when he saw how buddy-buddy Fred and Knox seemed. I know a lot of people are against Fred and Wes hooking up, but I think it may work now. Why? Because the girl has come a long way from Pylea. She seems to be embracing her new position within W&H very well and showed a lot of back bone. I like this new, emotionally stronger Fred. I can now envision a mature relationship between the two developing.

- Knox is evil. Correct me if I'm wrong but he didn't have to sing for Lorne. Fred trusts him already. Her willingness to trust is one a both a wonderful trait and a potentially fatal flaw. While I think it will be a good thing in regards to Spike (I envision her being the most willing to except his presence and his declarations of change), I have a gut feeling it may be bad in regards to Knox.

- I like Lorne, I really do. But ever since he's become a series regular he's become increasingly useless. If he had been completely absent from this episode would it have mattered?

- Harmony was a hoot, but her explanation as to her presence at W&H was a bit thin. And while I never really considered her evil, she seems to be making a real effort to be good. Why else would she be living off pigs blood?

- I think I like Gunn's new role as lawyer. It's nice that he's more than muscle now. I just hope he doesn't spend too much time in a court room - we have enough lawyer shows. Though, he can keep the suits, he looked very good in them. :)

- My favorite funny moments....the ritual sacrifice hotline...Angel's "I have no problem spanking men" (As soon as I heard that I envisioned a hundred fics in the works.;)...and, of course, "Blondie Bear!"

All and all an OK outing. This episode alone would not have gotten me excited about the season or hooked on the show again. But, having seen next weeks as well, let me just say, Spike makes everything better. ;-)

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