The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Too Tired for a Title

Sylar: "I'm Back"
Me: "I'm Done."

The entire first half of the season built up to one of the most anti-climatic moments I've ever seen. Freeze time and turn the vile to dust. Wow. How many minutes did it take them to cut up with that?

Adam is buried alive for eternity. This was done on Alias - the series David Anders starred on. Not to mention, I'm sure someone will dig him up.

Finally, they killed Nathan. One of the few characters I liked. And they did so moments after the long awaited Peter/Nathan reunion.

Oh, let's not forget, THEY BROUGHT MAYA BACK. Sigh.

Damn me. I think I had an idea for a twelve days of Christmas thing. A somewhat selfish twelve days of Christmas thing since it would force allow me to clean off my computer many long gestating posts in various stages of development. We shall see.
Tags: christmas, heroes

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