At one point there was talk of this airing on Sci Fi too.. Do you know if thats still going to happen?

I'm just in season 4 of my SG1 (re) watch (just watched officially from season 8 onward)..gonna have to step it up if I want to get all the way through season 10 by march.
I haven't heard anything about the film airing on SciFi. I know with Razor it had to air on SciFi before the DVD release because Glen Larson owns the film rights to BSG. But MGM outright owns Stargate. I wouldn't be surprised if SciFi wanted to air the film, but I would think it would be after the DVD release since their is no benefit to MGM to have SciFi air it first.

I think it's safe to say I have failed miserably at hiding my geekdom.

You KNOW you rock that pocket protector, right?