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Michael Trucco Was in a Serious Car Accident Sunday, but He'll be OK!

Posted originally by MexiChick at the Sci-Fi Forum:

Bradley and I just spoke to Michael Trucco on the phone, and he asked me to share some information with you good people:

Michael was in a serious car accident on Sunday. Although he suffered a broken neck, I'm tremendously relieved to be able to report that he's expected to make a full recovery ... in fact, he came home from the hospital yesterday!

Michael was a passenger in a Ferrari that overturned after the driver lost control on a curve and went down an embankment as they were coming home from a Ferrari event. The driver walked away unharmed, but the roof had crumpled on the car and fractured four of Michael's vertebrae. Amazingly enough, he was able to crawl from the wreckage on his own, make a series of phone calls and generally direct the rescue efforts (okay, I'm exaggerating on that last one). He was flown by helicopter to UCLA Medical Center, where he was placed in traction, and surgery was performed on Monday to fuse his C-6 and C-7 vertebrae to his C-5.

Michael's now wearing a heavy-duty neck brace (and glad to be out of the Frankenstein "halo"). The itermittent pain can be intense, but his spirits are good. His fiancee has been by his side the entire time, and his parents have come to town, too. He says the support he's received from them, as well as from his friends, has been "incredible. It really makes a difference."

He's scheduled to remain in the collar brace for up to six weeks, and will start rehab after that, so he's got some tough work ahead of him. But (to borrow from Michael Taylor) for all the terrible luck, Michael was apparently very lucky in the outcome: His surgeon says only one in a hundred people walk away from an accident like that ... and it looks as though Michael is that person. He timed it pretty well, too … BSG isn't being filmed right now, as everyone knows, and NBC has assured him that the pilot he's slated to shoot will be held for him … well, how could they do anything else? He is "The Man of Your Dreams," isn't he?

Michael says he will post here when he can, but he wanted everyone to have the facts about what happened. Maybe one of you would like to start a special thread for people who want to send him good wishes for a "speedy" recovery?

It's sounds as if it will be awhile before he'll be 100%, but thank God it wasn't much worse. If you are registered at the SciFi forum you can leave a message of support for him. As much as I'd like to, I can't bring myself to register there.

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