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The Staying Up Late Becuase I Don't Want to Face the Reality of Going to Work Tomorrow Edition

If I were to think about how many days are left until Christmas I would probably freak out. If I tell myself, “No one will care if this is late”, I feel much calmer. That applies more to cards then gifts right now since the cards have not yet been started, but, as of Friday night, I pretty much had the gift buying completed. Other than Target, all of my shopping has been done online this year. It’s much less stressful then dealing with the hordes at the stores. And I will forever be grateful to the brilliant folks at Amazon who thought of the Wish List. ;)

And just a tip for any of you who, like me, were under the impression that office supply stores are cheaper. Avery half fold cards at Office Depot are $13.99. And at Target? $7.99. A dollar difference, even two, I could see, but six dollars???

TV viewing was rather limited this weekend. I was out and about much of yesterday (including spending three hours at work filing - joy) and this evening the DVR was tied up recording Tin Man for someone at work who practically begged me to record it for him. So that just leaves Friday TV.

OK, I know she’s a teenager, but Julie is getting on my last nerve. I’m soooo happy that Matt has moved on with Carlotta. And while I had some trepidation as to how that relationship would work, thus far, they’ve been pretty darn cute together.

As soon as Jason asked for the waitress’ assistance in ditching his date, I had a feeling he’d end up going home with her. Still, it was nice to see him meet someone who liked him for him and helped proved it was time to move out of his parent’s house.

The resolution to the worst plot idea ever Landry’s killing of Tyra’s stalker left me conflicted. I don't want to see Landry off the show and I certainly didn’t feel he should be tried as an adult and sent away for murder, but him getting off scott fee, at least by the justice system, didn’t seem realistic to me. His dad, Tyra, the cops, the attorneys, all set it up for him to get off, but it wasn’t just an act of self-defense. I’m sure his conscience, which drove him to confess, won’t let him off the hook, but I still think, at the very least, he should have received probation and community service.

And, as bop_radar, mentioned in her post, what happened to the Landry/Matt friendship? I can understand not talking to him about this before, but once he confessed I would think he might have turned to his supposed best friend for support and advice.

I will love this show forever if Eric lets Riggins move into the garage. He already gave him a sleeping bag, they just need to find a cot for him. ;)

If, in fact, they killed Elizabeth off-screen, it’s a slap in the face to Torri and the fans.

As for the rest of the story, all I can say is it was done before on SG1 (‘Tin Man’) and done much better. Writers, if you are ripping off your parent show it may be time to consider scrapping that fifth season.

If any of you would like to show your appreciation for Katee Sackoff, greycoupon is organizing a charity drive. Details can be found on her LJ HERE.

Question for leather jacket wearers, what do you do with your old leather jackets? I bought a new one yesterday because my old one was in such bad shape I would no longer wear it in public. It's my own fault since I didn't really take proper care of it. I bought cleaner/conditioner this time to (hopefully) avoid that problem. In addition to the exterior not being in good shape, the lining is ripped to hell. I generally drop off old clothes and coats at Goodwill, but I don't think I can do it in this case. On the other hand, throwing it in the trash seems a waste. Any suggestions?
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And just a tip for any of you who, like me, were under the impression that office supply stores are cheaper. Avery half fold cards at Office Depot are $13.99. And at Target? $7.99. A dollar difference, even two, I could see, but six dollars???

Okay, that pushed a button for me. ;) These are my favorite pens ever. Staples has them 12/$5.98 -- though I can often get them on sale for $3.50. Unfortunately, the nearest Staples is halfway across town. Office Max has almost the exact same pens... for $11.99. Huh? That's just ridiculous.

Anyway, just had to vent a bit. ;)
Vent away! It's an epidemic apparently. I generally shop at Office Max or Office Depot because, like you, Staples is on the other side of town. And I know from experience that prices can very a bit between stores, as can products. I looked up the Avery cards at both Office stores and Office Max didn't have a listing for them so I assumed Office Depot was my only option. Because I got to Target early Saturday morning and the store was not yet crowded, I decided to wander down aisles. My eyes just happened to glance over and see the Avery cards. When I saw the price I thought it had to be a mistake.

Next time I need office supplies, I'm definitely price checking online before going anywhere.
As for the rest of the story, all I can say is it was done before on SG1 (‘Tin Man’) and done much better.

Also "Double Jeapordy," since SG-1 actually managed a multiple-season set-up and follow-through. SIGH.

I threw a leather jacket out once, but it was so utterly worn and beyond repair that there wasn't anything else to be done with it after about 4 years of constant wear. Possibly you can take it to a good dry-cleaner that also does leather work and solicit their opinion? I did that with my old jacket and they just shook their heads and looked sad.
I'd have to try and track down a dry-cleaner who knows something about leather, but I fear getting the same sad look. The coat is in, imho, quite pitiful shape. And the lining looks as if a pack of wolverines got to it.
What's wrong with taking it to Goodwill? I've purchased many a damaged item there for costumes or other projects.
Hmmm, I hadn't thought about someone getting it and using it in a costume or project. Good point. :)
Make a purse.

All my f-list is crafty, I'm certain you are too.
I have a backlog of posts and fan fics to get too. I can't start making purses!
The resolution to the Landry murder thing was pretty much a tacit admitting by the writers that it was a stoopit idea to begin with. Talk about an anticlimax. Not pressing charges … oooookay, but why did we have to have that subplot at ALL? What a waste.
Yeah, I'm still at a loss as to what their intent was with that storyline. I still argue they could have had Landry attack the guy, but not kill him, and created some interesting drama. And I think it's totally unbelievable that Landry just walks away from this without even a slap on the wrist. I know his father is a police officer and a respected one it would seem, but even the sons of cops encounter consequences for their actions - especially when they confess to the crime!
Exactly. It felt like there needed to be more "procedure" around his confession, somehow.

But perhaps people on the "inside", such as cops, can get their kids' crimes hushed up hushed more than we realize?
I remember from the episode before the last, the next week preview showed what looked like Landry's father wrestling with Landry in some hallway (police station?) shouting "no, don't!" But that wasn't in the next episode. Don't know if edits were made or they showed something yet to come or what.

The biggest thing was how this wasn't news all over town the second he confessed. Maybe that comes down to bad editing too, trying to craft self-contained episodes and what not. I mean, the second news about Landry broke, would coach give a fuck what Riggins did, I mean, REALLY? (And that plot line didn't make any sense to me either, like he wouldn't have Street's parents vouching for the good deedness of the mexico trip.)
Good point about it not being any kind of news in town. It's very hard to believe after the scene Landry made at the police station that not a single person repeated what they witnessed. Riggins ditching practice is nothing compared to a killing. Are we going to find out that the team knows? Or are the writers just hoping to sweep the storyline under the rug and pretend like it never happened?
Nothing on the scale of murder, but I know growing up that a lot of underage drinking and even the selling of drugs was overlooked by the police because they were friends with the parents of the guilty parties.
SGA - I was sitting there thinking "this is a pale imitation of the SG-1 ep and oh look, they've killed Elizabeth again!" I have a feeling that she's contracted for more than that ep though so I have my fingers crossed that a version of her will be resurrected again. And again.
What would be interesting is if Fake!Elizabeth stuck around for awhile. How does she deal with not being the real Elizabeth and how does she fit in back on Atlantis? But we can't have that because they fired Torri for Amanda...who was nowhere to be seen during the ep. :/