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Season 4 BSG Spoiler, Possibly, Maybe

During the Writer's Meeting Podcasts, one of the writers (not Ron) threw out on idea of introducing a plot point in 'Razor' and then exploring it further in Season 4. This plot point would have some ramification for the Final Five. The idea wasn't discussed at length and there was no mention of coming back to it later. They could decide to use the idea later though, making it a spoiler, so I ended up not discussing it in my post on the Writer's Meeting. On the other hand, it may never be talked about again so then it's not a spoiler. But since it was an intriguing idea and one that I had seen people on my Flist mention I thought I would do a separate post about it. I do have a few fellow spoiler whores on my Flist ;), the rest of you can just keep moving along.

From the podcast:

During the nuclear explosion that destroys the Cylon ship, something happens as Kendra and the hybrid are killed. On resurrection ships we see, in glass cases, a new line of Cylon being molded, created and this new model of Cylon is...Kendra. She knows everything about them (the Cylons) and about us. In Season 4 they (those on board Pegasus, Galactica, etc) would have to deal with the character in a different way as she may now be the enemy.

My two cents:

I'm torn on the thought of Kendra being the final Cylon model. I do think Kendra was a very interesting character and one I hated to see go so soon. But I thought they were holding back the identity of the final Cylon because it was going to be the shocking reveal of a character we are deeply invested in. Though it seemed clear that at the time of the recording of the podcast they still didn't know who the final Cylon would be. Which would be in keeping with the debate last season as to who the four they would reveal as Cylons would be. If Kendra is the final Cylon then it would mean Lee, Kara, Laura, and Adama are not and I think I might prefer that scenario.
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If there are 12 models of human Cylon going into the mini and we've seen 11 of them by the end of season 3 and a new Cylon line is being molded, wouldn't that mean that Kendra would be the 13th model, if they pursue it? They'd actually be able to mess with peoples' minds a bit more in regard to that final reveal, if they were to pursue that thought...
They really hadn't thought about the idea of making Kendra a Cylon all the way through. I took the suggestion as, 'We don't know who the twelfth is going to be, so why not Kendra?' I think it is an interesting idea if they could develop it right and not have it conflict with what we know/assume to be true. They also talked a bit about reincarnation so Kendra could be a reborn version of the twelfth Cylon.
she could be the 13th model. 12 is a key number, full of symbolism and mysticism and other things that end with "ism" and show up on SAT tests, but 13 is the next best thing. you always have 12+1. not 13 directly, but 12+1: twelve apostles + jesus, 12 gods + zeus, etc. i think that might work.

on the other hand i always kind of felt that laura'd be #13, with her being linked in a strange way to the cylons. it's confusing though, because gaius is "linked" as well, and so is kara. wtf? they can't ALL be cylons!

i really REALLY don't know now. but i shall go watch the extended unrated edition of razor which i couldn't help but download last night. maybe i'll come up with some harebrained idea. :)
they can't ALL be cylons!

Didn't we all say that until the Tigh/Anders/Tory/Tyrol reveal? ;)

I don't recall anything in the extended version that would hint at who the last Cylon might be, but I'll be curious to hear what you think about the extended cut. Maybe I'll work on that post tonight. ;)